Halal food outlets in ANU

Shoaib Saleem
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Assalam Alaikum
Brothers and Sisters,

The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) at the Australian National University is advocating for Halal food outlets in the ANU campus. This is to address the problem of Muslim students who have to go to Civic or back home to get Halal food. 

We are considering the following ideas:
(1) Establish a new restaurant - getting guaranteed halal restaurant opened here -- oporto, ali baba or nandos or Muslim restaurant 
(2) Request for interested Union restaurants or cafes to put Halal logo - with the help of the Chaplain and the Imam Council (process req more discussion)
(3) Provision of halal meats by halal meat provider to students - meat selling on specific days at the union court by Jabal halal

We are working along side the International Students Department to help us in our cause. If you support our idea, kindly sign the petition below to make our appeal stronger.


MSA team

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