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“Because sport is based on ethics and fair competition, governance in sport must meet the highest standards of transparency, democracy and accountability”. Jacque Rogge, president of CIO.
An opportunity for everyone is what was said in 2017, but that has changed today into an opportunity for a pocket and a close.
Since April 15, 2017, the Haitian Taekwondo has begun to have a bad experience with a new president who has one motto: to divide people so he can win everything. For example, he promised two people the position of secretary general. Everybody remembers how it happened.
Division is what this guy does best. Before he was president, he happened to have made one of the vice presidents resign early. The secretary general assistant had to resign because of him. As President Leo Cartwright had some health issues and Georges Hyppolite who was the vice president at that time, didn’t have in mind to supersede Leo Cartwright. He easily convinced everyone that he was going to bring a change.
We made him president. And promptly, he fought with the Secretary General. When the vice president stands up against in interest of the athletes, he attempts to divide them into making
hooks and gossiping on WhatsApp groups. He made his cousin, that he gave the position of deputy secretary for a good reason known by him only, do everything. He gave them a feeling of
disgust to the point of resignation. Since then, the federation has become a mafia looking to raise money everywhere. It’s getting even worse this year. They keep it going at a higher pace.
This president breaks down the ASNOTAEK (Northern Association of Taekwondo). He expels ACTO (Taekwondo Association Clubs of the West) from the West. He dismissed the Counselors
and the Chief referee of the Federation, all this happened in a short time. In 2018, President Frenel Ostin agreed with the formation of ATN (North Taekwondo Association) because he had noticed that he would be able to manipulate the members of the committee. He was working only with the president of the committee as if the other members of the committee did not exist. After 6 months, that president which Frenel Ostin used to work with for his wrongdoings left the
North. And Then, all the clubs in the North could sit together to renew the ATN so they could work for the advancement of Taekwondo in the North. When we, as members of the association
committee send a report to the federation in order to raise their awareness of the renewal of the association and of our payment of the annual affiliation fee, president Frenel Ostin stood up against us, saying that he is not going to acknowledge the association; because he wants that the members of the federation to take control of the taekwondo in the North, not any association. He
wants people that he can manipulate and people who will tolerate him with his wrongdoings as the head of the federation. He expels ATN, just as he did to ACTO in the West. For all those reasons, we who practice World Taekwondo in Haiti raise our voices to denounce all those wrongdoings.
 What is the point in having a national championship if the Haitian athletes cannot
represent their country?
 Why is the president of FHTKD persecuting the Haitian University Taekwondo?
 Does he look down upon Haitians because he is not Haitian, not living in Haiti?
 We should understand that when considering the case of Denilson Seraphin
 This racist president who hates black except the ones he can manipulate, is doing
everything he can for the breakdown of Taekwondo in Haiti
 Membership fee was 300 gourdes in 2018, it rose up to 1000 gourdes in 2019. That was more than 200% increase; and worse was that nobody received their membership. He
took their money and did not give them the membership so they can’t claim anything.
This is known to be hijacking strategy.
 The Global License card has no fixed cost. Some people, the president has them pay 42
US dollars; others, he has them pay 50 US dollars; and 75 US dollars for some others.
 To the people who paid the fee but never received membership, he let them know that it is an electronic card.
 Is it true that the FHTKD president has some protectors?
 Thanks to technology, many people know how Taekwondo works in other countries.
 Lies are just temporary because truth will take over. Haitian passports are given to foreign athletes; we would like to know with which passport they travel to the other countries. We demand investigation because, based on their names, those people are neither Haitians nor Haitian offspring. If you are against President Frenel Ostin, you’re out. You will be facing impeachments.
 With President Frenel Ostin, the FHTKD becomes a network that is spreading Haitian passports to athletes of different nationality, under the false pretense that they are Haitian offspring, when we consider how difficult it is for native Haitians to get a passport while foreign athletes get theirs in just 2 days. On this basis, we demand that they start an inquiry very soon so we may know how to easily have our passport too.
 Propaganda is the strength of this President. He is known to have participated in much dirty stuff, such as: sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, abuse of authority, etc.
 Any true instructor would notice that the Taekwondo is going down in the country since 2018. Namely, the west used to have more than 15 active clubs but now has not more than 6 working clubs; the clubs are being reopened this month in the North; we’ve learned that in Gonaives only, there are 8 working clubs. Where is the progress?
 We have no problem with the disabled ones. We saw them in the North in 2019 in the
month of August with white belt, and in January 2020 they already had black belt; they were certainly not that good enough already. We heard that they come from Artibonite.They make them their Global License with Kukkiwon while experienced normal athletes can’t have their Global License. Where is the moral of those leaders? When did those disabled athletes take their exams? We begin to understand the kinds of rules that they want to put in the FHTKD. It’s a shame for us all anyway.
 In order to make master Frenel happy only white people are exposed on a poster for ATS
 It was the first time in the history of the taekwondo in Haiti that, in 2017 in Cayes, in 2018 in Port-au-Prince, in 2019 in the North, we saw civilians and police officers walking in a championship space with automatic firearms. Ref.: Annexes.
 This president holds respect for no one. We say it again: we want a federation for Haitians to lead in transparency, by Haitians who will to train Haitians for Haiti.
 FHTKD President is living out of the country. Deputy Secretary knows nothing about
Taekwondo and administration; national coach is away; the athletes that represent the
country are foreigners; there’s no Vice-President, no technical directors, no chief referee. Some instructors and referees don’t want to sign this petition for fear they might lose a chance that the president might give them. They are expecting a visa that they might not get.
 We’re denouncing President Frenel Ostin for making another status with his henchmen, in the second year of his presidency in Saint-Marc, which makes him eligible for 6 years, in a so-called general assembly because they expelled the clubs that were legitimate to vote, while he was elected under a status that makes him eligible for 4 years. We heard that this status he made was ratified and came into force. We’ve learned that President Frenel Ostin now has said that he is elected for 6 years. We condemn this crookedness and demand that World Taekwondo, PATU, COH, and MJSAC rescue us from this
 The President is working with Stanley Jetry Civil who is his cousin’s boyfriend, the deputy secretary, to pressure people saying that he has legal gangsters to beat down the ones who might come to the activities without being invited by the federation.
 The federation does not invite the West affiliated clubs under the false pretense that there are too many of them and that he has no control over them, except for friends’ clubs. He
needed them during the election but now he wants to reject them so he can gain total control over the federation. That is not going to happen.
The basic principles of good governance in the Olympics and sport, including transparency, responsibility and accountability must be respected by all elements of the Olympics.
We need accountancy about the € 20 000 project for the development of Taekwondo in rural areas, given by Solidarity Funds for Innovation Projects through France embassy in Haiti.
We need to know on which bank account that money was gone. We need to know how much
France has already cashed out; because we have not seen yet anything that they have with that money.That is why we, who sign this petition, decided to put our voice together in the aim to ask:
1. To the Haitian Olympic Committee (COH), Ministry of Youth, Sport and Civic action
(MJSAC), Panamerican Taekwondo Union (PATU), World Taekwondo (WT) please
hyrry up to help us put order in the FHTKD, where money has come into the federation and they always said that there are no money to support the selected athlets.
2. To the Haitian Olympic Committee (COH), Ministry of Youth, Sport and Civic
action (MJSAC), Panamerican Taekwondo Union (PATU), World Taekwondo (WT) to cancel the registration of the Americans (Starla Santana, Aliyah
Shipman, Christian Ray Suh, Sohwon Kim) that President Frenel wants to send
to represent Haiti into the qualification tournament for the Olympic games (Tokyo 2020), because we want native Haitians to represent Haiti, because Haitian athletes make too much sacrifices for this sporting discipline;
3. Resignation of President Frenel Ostin, after all the mole acts he does at the head
of the federation;
4. A hasty audit of money and heritage of the federation
Deceiving a people must have a reward. Betrayal is violent poison.
We ask that COH, WT, PATU, with MJSAC have their words on this. Otherwise, things might get worse.
We are expecting a response to this, please.
Contact: taekwondohaiti@gmail.com

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