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Kristian Swansey
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This petition is for students to have more hair rights in Livingston High School. Recently I re-shaved my patch shorter than normal and I got in trouble for it. In the dress code it did not state that I could not have a patch. It said no shaven designs. Down at the bottom of the dress code policy it said anything not on this paper will be determined by the principle if it is school appropriate, the principle said that I was out of dress code. What I would like to reach with this petition is to earn the right to have patches in our hair, have red hair (fire engine red is a natural color), to have short Mohawks, beads in our hair, clip in feathers, and even Jamaican dreadlocks. Our school states such things "inappropriate" or "distracting". I have what some will consider and "extreme" haircut. But it never once prevented me or other from doing what we need such as school work. The last school I went to my freshman year (Lumberton) allowed such things with no problem. Please help me push this matter against the school and win our rights to be individuals and unique.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />




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