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Let the Zimbabweans in the diaspora regroup , and prepare for thier return in five years time( 2011-2015). NB: not all zimbabweans will go home at the end of the period , as some will nutralize in their host diaspora homes, still though all zimbabweans by birth, or by descent , across the tribal , racial , political and relegious divide must participate in the " realisiation of the newdan of the diaspora " A Pool fund to amount to £30 Billion will be reached by the end of the period , To achieve this first we need all Zimbabweans in the diaspora to be given Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a temporary immigration status granted to people already in a foreighn country ( Diaspora Host Country) from a country where civil
unrest, violence, or natural disasters have made forced return impossible or unsafe.

The Diaspora Host Nations may grant TPS.
under the following conditions:
1. An on-going armed conflict poses a serious threat to the safety of returned aliens, or
2. An environmental disaster results in the substantial, but temporary, disruption of living conditions, or
3. Extraordinary and temporary conditions in a foreign state prevent aliens from safely returning.

TPS beneficiaries may remain in the host country, and may obtain work authorization for the duration of the status. Terrorists, persecutors, and serious criminals are not eligible for TPS. TPS may be extended if conditions in the designated country do not change.
How does Zimbabwe meet the conditions for TPS?.

Zimbabwe merits TPS designation due to the extraordinary and temporary nature of the current political and economic crisis. Due to the massive scale of the crisis, to realise the " Dawn of the Diaspora vision " all signatures must be accompanied by £2 or any currency equiverlent ( to make your contribution , email request for banking detaials indicate if you will requiremembership cards , that will require a total of £5.00 ), for suastaining the operational requirements , GZDP to commence its global consultation with all relevent authorities on reciving the first Million membership ( ( mile stone ). for more on GZDP visit.


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