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Fair Go - we want justice for victims of child sexual abuse in N.S.W Australia

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On the last sitting of parliament in 2010 under the kenneally government a legislation was passed on the most vulnerable people whom are in many cases trying to survive on a daily basis the legislation was to deny multiple claims of victims of crime compensation to a single victim and also those that had received a claim for a similar nature to also deny there claim.Victims of this type of crime seek compensation for many reasons,closure,relief,etc the way this legislation is at present allows for these cases to be judged on who deserves to receive a payout and who dosn,t? No one has the right to determine just which case is the one that should be processed and which ones should be denied it was a last minute ditch of a already failing government and they attacked people that they believed would not get up and fight back.Jemima Brewer a solicitor met with the liberal government in February 2011 and they stated that if they were elected into government they made a commitment to review this legislation within twelve months a reasonable period of time,two survivors from the south coast who have been affected by this new legislation decided it only fair to gather and march to let these Government officials know how many people this has effected in N.S.W after some negotiations this has been postponed until the promised commitment date is up.Have your say and let these people know how this effects you or someone you know.we know from legal statistics that there are over already 1000 claimants that have been denied assistance to seek justice and there are well over 200,000 people who are sexual abuse victims or survivors these numbers will only increase as sexual abuse is still occurring today in our own communities.


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Today's news report on the labor governments sneaky overturn of act in 2010 at 10.10 pm at night last sitting of parliament.
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