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gw prices are too high

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this petition is to represent the hobbiests who can no longer afford to play the game they love.GW price increases are causing players that have been in the hobby for years to have to give it up. There is no way players can continue through another price increase the land raider already costs £45 next year it could be £50 which is more money then some people in Britain and the US have for their food budget £50 for a single tank that use to buy you a battle force and a blister HQ. Its come to the point where a 1500 point army will put you out of pocket about £400 which is so much money and if you were just begging you have to add the price of the paint, brushes,tools and rule books. take for example a beginner starting a space marine army its going to cost him/her £85 for the battle force and to go with that a HQ around £14 then an additional £25 for the codex then £30 for the rule book then for all the tools and paints it will cost around £50 and that's if they know what to buy not to mention all the stuff the workers at GW will try to sell them which they either don't need or don't at that point want. So for this person to start the hobby its cost them £204 give or take that's for about 500 points of miniatures and his basic starting tools. Now I'm sure some of us could take the price increase if they were making more codex updates or more models or even just raising the qualities of the models but no the price has increased and quality has gone down finecast for example was one of the biggest failures of modelling I've ever experienced paying £15 for a model then finding its got air bubbles and a completely wrecked arm. Although they say the reason they started using resin was because metal was to expensive then why did finecast cost more then metal. Now obviously oil prices and metal prices will rise but why then does it affect only affect GW why didn't privateer press or any of the other games companies increase their prices. Fortunately for me my local store is 10% off GW products but in places without that what are they going to do especially Australia GW stores over there are charging something like 80 US dollars for a box of tactical marines to me that makes the hobby impossible to fill your troops choices would cost 480 dollars its totally ridiculous. At the moment 80% of us are at the end of our tethers and lots have people have left the hobby we need to stop GW before the the community is gone so help me get the word to GW that we will not stand for there price gouging any more sign my petition,make your own or send an email to GW and make your opinion known.

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