Oppose Gun Control in Massachusetts

Kevin Rego
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Lets get straight to the point! These politicians have gotten too complaciant with their seats. Since when is a public servant a career?? While we give our president 2 - 4 year terms, we allow these people to stay in office for 20+ years! reapping benefits and passing laws that they will not have to live by. Full benefits after only a year in office? Not paying into social security? While we denied the Stimulus Package, Congress IGNORED US and passed it, AND WE DID NOTHING! We as people must live within our means, so the country must do the same. Our servants have become our master! WE MUST JOIN AS 'WE THE PEOPLE'  TO TAKE CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY! This is not about Gun Control, its about our own government rewriting the CONSTITUTION.

Explain to me how criminals will obide these laws of taking the very guns that we use to protect OUR FAMILY!

Chicago, IL has the MOST strictest gun laws and you are more likely to be killed in Chicago than the Afghan-War!





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