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拒絕增建核電 要求區域諮詢/ No New Nuke: Regional Consultation before Decisions

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致粵港合作聯席會議主持人 香港特區政務司長林鄭月娥及廣東省副省長招玉芳: 






聯署發起團體: 公共專業聯盟、綠色和平、香港地球之友、環保觸覺、綠領行動 2013年7月16日 ***誠邀粵港澳市民及團體聯署

To: Co-convenors of Hong Kong/Guangdong Cooperation Joint Conference Ms Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary of Hong Kong SAR Government Ms Zhao Yufang, Vice-governor of Guangdong Provincial Government No New Nuke: Regional Consultation before Decisions The plan to build a nuclear fuel processing plant in Jiangmen City has attracted much criticism from local citizens. Furthermore, it has raised the concern of Hong Kong people on the threat of nuclear facilities, and many people have sent their messages to Guangdong Government. Although the Jiangmen plant is shelved, Guangdong continues to aspire to become a nuclear-intensive province in China. More nuclear power plants are being planned for, including those located close to Hong Kong such as Zhuhai, Heyuan and Zhaoqing city. No details have been released and no public consultation has ever taken place.

For our health and safety and that of our children we demand that:

 1. The Guangdong Provincial Government discloses full details of all planned, committed and existing nuclear facilities and related infrastructure, and commits itself to consult all citizens of Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong fully before making any decisions and commitments on new nuclear facilities, and to safeguard citizens’ rights to information and freedom of expression; 

2. The Hong Kong SAR Government relays to the Guangdong Government Hong Kong people’s concern on nuclear safety and the public demand to stop any further expansion of nuclear facilities in the Pearl River Delta; 

 3. The Hong Kong SAR Government puts on the agenda of the Hong Kong/Guangdong Cooperation Joint Conference the nuclear expansion program in Guangdong, and sets up a mechanism which allows the participation of a broad representation of civil society in decision-making on nuclear facilities. 

Co-initiators: The Professional Commons, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), Greeners’ Action, Green Sense. July 16, 2013 ***All citizens and citizen groups from Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong are welcome to sign.





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