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GTA 5 Tuners and Outlaws Update

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For over three years since the release of GTA Online, car enthusiasts have worked around the DNA of Grand Theft Auto's sandbox to create a community of like-minded tuners and street racers despite the lack of any set in stone platform to do so; this is where Tuners and Outlaws steps in.

You could argue that cunning stunts was enough for the racing community. Let me stop you there; we're not the 'racing community'. There is a clear divide between the underground street racing scene and track racing. Plus, there is no real support for drifting or drag racing.

Just like registering as a CEO/Associate, VIP/ or President/Biker. You will be able to register as a Wheelman and recruit up to three Street Racers or a Police Sergeant and recruit up to seven Constables.


Introducing the ability to play as Police in GTA Online is also largely requested with most attracted by the role-play and challenging aspect of catching suspects alive.

Each player not registered as police has a bounty. This bounty works on a cycle and refreshes every 24 hours that starts to countdown from the moment they first enter an online session. This bounty rises ever so slowly for crimes such as speeding, damage to state and general criminal activity whereas, killing other players, destroying their property and gaining wanted levels will increase your bounty significantly, though it will decrease slowly over time or while you're in an apartment. This can encourage players to take up arms with the LSPD to collect this bounty and thus will give antsy players a challenge to flee or deter from being a nuisance which is so often the case with numerous players in GTA Online.

Collecting a bounty

Registered as a Sergeant or Constable you appear off radar to all players minus other officers, nor can you see any other player's blip. To make sure you don't cheat and try catch a criminal standing right next to you, you'll respawn at the nearest cop station with a police uniform. To give chase you'll have to witness the opposing player in the act of committing a crime whether that be while you're stationary and monitoring speed (in which case you may catch them speeding), on patrol and catch them shooting at another player or even holding up a liquor store. Any player committing a crime will appear on the map for a short period, similar to how the beast blip appears. Furthermore, if another player phones for police while they witness a crime; the last reported location will appear as a large red circle on the map with the origin at the opposing players location during the call; if the player is still within this area of the map by the time you arrive you can immediately give chase and apprehend the opposing player to collect your bounty.

Giving Chase

If you decide to give chase you must turn your sirens on to alert fellow police players in the game know that you are chasing a suspect. If you stay on the opposing players tail, your fellow officers will eventually be able to catch up and join the chase; when a chase is underway the player chasing will appear as a blue and red flashing blip for the player evading and for fellow officers. However, as police you must keep them in sight as their blip both on radar and above their head is not visible. If you evade capture for more than 10 minutes police can shoot up to 10 shots. After 15 minutes, you can both use full force to shake each other off or kill one another, but beware! Killing officers in a chase will mount up your bounty substantially, as a player evading capture your best bet is to escape without causing too much damage unless of course, you're just a savage.

The trailer showcased police giving chase at the start of a street race and apprehending two racers using non lethal force. This could include new EMP based weaponry to disable vehicles and bring them to a stop; the introduction of the taser to immobilize anyone making a run on foot and the ability tackle other players.

To forcefully arrest a player you would need to tussle with them; this would involve the cop player getting them to the ground if they're not already, rolling them onto their front and cuffing the opposing player by means of some sort of button spam similar to how arm wrestling works. However, up to 3 cops can assist in the arrest and multiply the speed at which a player is arrested.

Evading Police

Once the cops have lost sight, you're subject to a cool-down and staying out of sight just like when you have a wanted level normally. If a player sees you, the heat is back on. Police players will also be able to use a helicopter for extended range and co-pilots can spot players and mark them on the radar for all other officers to see.

If you've committed a crime and choose to make a run for it, you'll have to pay 35% of your own bounty if you're captured or 50% if you're killed. However, if you choose to surrender immediately you pay 5% of your bounty or if you evade capture and choose to surrender later this amount will gradually rise up to 25% by 10 minutes.

Car meets

Car meets are an extremely popular pastime for a vast majority of car crews. Showing off your build and talking cars with fellow enthusiasts. However, most meets can appear bland, even with 30 flashy cars. I feel areas populated with souped up cars and a few NPCs performing ambient activities/animations and admiring cars as well as stalls to buy unique clothing and rare car parts that differ contents between meets will be quite the incentive to bring players in and park up whether you're rolling up with your crew or on your own and looking to jump into a meet up.

These illicit car meets would occur at night throughout LS in free mode(one in an different location every night), with road blocks at least a block in every direction of the meet to stop traffic moving through; giving space outside of the parking area to play around with i.e. street drifting, street race start, drag racing etc. Members of any car crew will tell you there is a big problem with the odd hostile newbie looking to spoil the fun; this is why I believe these meet locations should force a passive mode onto the player (that allows contact between vehicles only) within the confines of the road blocks.

Each player will have a disturbance meter that's present at the meet. The disturbance meter can fill up by performing tricks like burnouts, drifting, revving your engine and drag racing. Cops will be prevented from entering road blocked areas unless a player caps this disturbance meter; in which case all police in the session will be alerted and able to enter to the zone to arrest people. Each player will then automatically be assigned a $10,000 bounty on top of what they may already have. For example, if you have no bounty at all in that session you're going to have to pay just $500 if you surrender but if you've got a bounty of say, $100k you might want to take your chances and gun it!

Legitimate 'registered' car shows would also occur throughout LS and Blaine County in free mode during the day time without road blocks but would still have a passive mode zone in the show areas.

Manual Transmission

A highly requested feature from the community in general. The ability to shift through gears at whatever rpm we choose with the ability to use a clutch too. This would open up a whole new aspect of control and add new elements of competition to racing and especially drag racing. Clutch kicking and using the appropriate gears would almost certainly help with drifting.

As much as Rockstar should keep it simple this feature would be something I think you would enable afterwards as an optional extra and something you could easily turn off if you wish.

New Race Modes

Street Races

These types of races can only take place in a public freemode and include all the elements of Los Santos that might get in your way from traffic to police, oh and did I mention the stakes are high? Well, just like you stake $20,000 in a premium race for that precious return, the same could be done for street races. Pot in up to $100k for a $400k return or stake your car in a pink slip race for up to 3 other sweet rides to add to your GTA Online garage however, lose the race and you lose your car. Each racer participating must be from a separate group of street racers.

Be careful, there's something in it for players working for the LSPD too! As a cop, if you capture criminals you should be able to claim their car for your own and split the cash made from selling the car if any of your fellow officers helped apprehend the street racer. As a street racer you lose your cash entry(if you staked cash) and you lose your car.


Drifting has been rather adverse in GTA V; though with mods and having a play around with handling presets myself, it's most certainly possible to make cars slide and have it be realistic without the caps on acceleration and top speed on the high end; which I'm sure Rockstar could figure a way around. See Tuning for how to make a car drift.

Drifting events whether it be illicit street drifting or competition drifting should use a points system. Two drivers versus with 3 rounds, switching between chase and lead position. A start line and finish line with clipping points along the way using floating markers to point them out. Points rack up based on angle, speed, proximity to clipping points and a multiplier based on distance from the other driver, the driver with the most points at the end wins. For example, if you're the chasing driver your multiplier will reach 1.5x if you're within a cars length from the leading driver, this decreases by 0.1x for every car length you drop off the lead driver reaching a minimum of 1.0x. Whereas, the leading driver works the other way round. If the chasing driver is within a car length you only get 1.0x; for every car length the chasing driver drops your multiplier increases 0.1x up to 5 car lengths with your multiplier maxing at 1.5x.


Touge is an uphill point to point race with swooping roads that require a mixture of speed for a good time, style points from drifting and distance from the other driver. The race would work on a basis of achieving the most out of 18 points with 9 points awarded in both rounds.

A 3 stage criteria is to be met in each category for: Time, Drifting and Distance. Time and drifting would differ depending on the track whereas, distance would be universal. You must complete the course in the fastest time to get a maximum of 3 points with gradual decreases in time for less points or 0 for going too slow. For drifting you would have to reach enough points to claim 3 points with gradual decent in points need to be awarded less points or 0 for not enough drifting; though a lot of drifting isn't expected in general as it's a pretty fast paced game mode. For max points in distance as the chasing driver you would have to be at within 5 meters of the leading driver for 3 points, 10 meters for 2 points, 20 meters for 1 point, any further than 20 meters awards 0 points. The points to the leading driver are awarded in reverse. If the lead driver is less than 5 meters ahead no points are awarded at the end of the round whereas, the lead driver will receive 3 points for being at least 20 meters in the lead.

Drag Racing

Drag racing is an extremely popular sport for car enthusiasts on GTA whom seek the fastest straight line speed to cross the 1/4 a mile mark as quickly as possible and before your opponent.

Drag racing would require you to tune your car for straight line speed and encourage as little fish tailing as possible. A perfect tune coupled with good shifting (forced manual) is key to winning the race. To start you'll have to heat up your tires with a burnout; bring them to the sweet spot and roll up to the start line, wait for the green light and give it a good clean launch to get the jump on the competition (2-step launch control available from grade 5 ecu - see tuning), shift at the sweet spot marked on the tachometer and use a shot of nitrous to give you a kick to bring you home over the finish line.

Street Digs & Rolls

Street digs are impromptu drag races you can commence by rolling up next to another player and honking 3 times while stationary if you're on a marked road. On the third honk of your horn you'll have to follow the road you're currently on a 1/4 mile up to the finish. First one there wins. No cash rewards but enough wins will grant you rare grade parts for tuning.

A rolling race requires you and the other player to be matching speeds, you must honk 3 times to commence these races too. On the third honk you go for it, you must remain on marked roads, the leading driver at the time leads the way if they choose to make a turn, the following driver must follow and pass them on that road. A player wins when they have been in the lead for 10 seconds. No cash rewards but enough wins will grant you rare grade parts for tuning.

Contact Missions from Hao

Hao is a random event character in GTA 5 single player who introduces Franklin to the Los Santos street races. Hao could make a return for GTA Online, there are endless possibilities that could fit the street racing theme. During a mission you could be instructed to customize your car in a particular way, for example in all black for a rolling robbery on a heavy goods vehicle. For another mission Hao might want you to shoot up a meet to rattle the cage of a rival street race crew and for another, you and your friends might have to race a rival crew or defeat them in a drifting competition or touge event. The possibilities are endless and something I feel would make a fitting addition to the Tuners and Outlaws DLC.

New Vehicles

There are a lot of cars you can customize in various ways to imitate styles and cultures that inspire players from the real world. A real taste of this come with the January update that introduced the Banshee 900R and the Sultan RS. This level of customization is something I was happy with; this coupled with some new features and unlocked with some truly iconic tuner and muscle cars would be a large part of this update.

Some of the most iconic JDM tuner cars and old school muscle have never been introduced to GTA Online and to an extent that it almost feels purposeful by Rockstar as it's something that could have potentially been on the agenda for a DLC before the release of GTA Online.

To put it frankly Rockstar of course avoid vehicle licensing by creating there own spin-off vehicles and would never reveal truly the inspirations for the design of the car. The following list of cars are ones that myself and plenty of others have asked to be included in GTA Online followed by concept names with respects to limitations of hardware and time that may be spent creating these vehicles (thus meaning why the list is selective and plausible, so it may not be as extensive as everyone might wish). However, do not expect these names to be endorsed by Rockstar if such a DLC were to be released; that might jeopardize their secret but not so secret way of vehicle modelling.

1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX - Maibatsu Revolution SG-RX (Present in trailer)

2. RWB Porsche 911 - Pfister 'Ruff Weld' Comet (Present in trailer)

3. Nissan Skyline GTR R34 - Annis Elegy RH2

4. Nissan Skyline GTR R32 - Zirconium Stratum Coupe

5. Toyota Supra Mk.IV - Karin Meanderer

6. Toyota GT86 - Karin Rastler

7. BMW M4 - Ubermacht Vuten

8. Nissan Silvia S14/15/PS13 Hybrid - Annis Agrosy

9. Honda Civic Type-R EK9 - Dinka Paddy

10. 1970 Dodge Challenger - Bravado Maraud

11. 1969 Ford Mustang - Vapid Dominator Classic

12. BMW E46 M3 - Ubermacht Burdenstark


Not to be confused with tuning! As mentioned previously the Benny's level of customization for the Banshee 900R and the Sultan RS was awesome. I would like to see this level of customization return and reusing parts like bucket seats, interior trims etc would be perfectly fine with me to increase the number of cars that would ship with this DLC given they're pulling from a library of ready made content. However, I would still like to see unique parts for body modifications on the level of those two cars. This DLC could bring numerous styles to GTA inspired by real world car culture including RWB, Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, clean stance, bozo, street looks and a whole lot more; some of which have already made their cameo in GTA, but something we would like to see on a larger scale.

A wrap creator is something that would truly make every build stand out from the crowd. The ability to place shapes, decals and text around a 2048x2048 texture space from a library of content and paste it on to a car would be a game changer for GTA Online! These wraps could be uploaded to social club and downloaded by other players; similar to how custom jobs/races work. Verified wraps could also appear while customizing your car, making a great opportunity for Rockstar to host competitions to engage with fans over social media and have their wraps available to everyone.

Mismatch custom wheels from front and back both customizable is something quite common in popular car culture. The Ruff Weld Comet featured in the trailer for example, had the same wheels though adjusted differently with offset and width.

Adjusting the vehicles stance appeals to plenty of car enthusiasts and can completely change the look of your car; from a super wide track width for drifting to a super tucked lowered look. These adjustments are both cosmetic and affect performance applied separately to both front and back wheels. Here you'll be able to adjust:

Track width

Wheel Offset

Wheel width

Tyre profile


Ride Height

Ride Rake


Steering Angle

Air lift suspensions could also be implemented; a much preferred method to stance by saving a lot of time shooting our wheels to lower our cars which has now ironically been removed from GTA Online since the release of Bikers! A demonstration of how this would work appeared in the trailer with the 'HockenFart' airlift suspension located in the boot of the Revolution. To activate it, it could be similar to hydraulics, simply hold A/X in combination with up or down on left stick to raise or lower and watch it slowly lower or lift to the sound of compressed air being released or sucked up.


Vehicle tuning in GTA Online is currently very limited. However, it's obvious to not go too far with tuning if new features are introduced as this might intimidate novice players. After all, GTA is not a simulator; so we'll try and keep it simple but flexible so that everyone can give it a go.

The idea with tuning your car is to make the most of what you've got and optimize performance dependent on whatever you're using it for. First of all, you should be able to tune your cars to super high horsepower numbers and even make them capable of outclassing the best supers with enough skill and cash.

However, tuning to outclass these cars presents the problem of what class you put them into. This is why I believe that tuning your car with any of the new options automatically puts it into a 'tuner class'. Now this would be available for every car and open the window to multi-class races; something that a lot of players from numerous communities have been asking for. Ultimately if you go into one of these races, you know what you're in for or you'll at least soon find out.

To make tuning interesting and unique between each player an element of progression should be included to give each player different parts. First of all, as mentioned previously meets would sell unique car parts; therefore attending new meets means new unlocks for your car. To push this a little further: winning street races, drag races and drift events will increase your Tuner rank.

When tuning your car each part has 10 performance grades; your rank unlocks these grades. Your parts purchased from stalls at meets can only be applied when you have unlocked that criteria. For example, if you have a Grade 3 Piston but you're only Tuner rank 1; you'll have to win more races to apply that part! Your Tuner rank allows you to apply more parts from 0-100 with each grade unlocked every 10 ranks.

Before tuning you can choose to keep the tuning set up standard so it's more suited for a good balance of speed and cornering capability or switch it to a drift or drag set up. The stance should adjust itself to a suggested set up for that style, though you can still play around with it freely yourself.

The following list includes all the parts that you'll be able to mod your car with (10 grades for each):

Air Filter

Cooling System

Intake Manifold

Hard Piping

Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust Downpipe

Exhaust Catback

Electrical System





Fuel pump

Fuel rail

Fuel Injectors

Engine Block

Cylinder Head

Head Gasket


Piston Rings




Turbo (Can not be applied if a Supercharger has been applied)

Supercharger (Can not be applied if a Turbo has been applied)







Anti-roll bars

Brake Disc

Front Brake Calipers

Rear Brake Calipers


All of these options might seem daunting, but you don't have to know what they do to apply them. The higher the grade the better the part is! Each part with 10 grades makes 370 parts that'll have to be obtained from attending meets and that's without duplicates! Rare parts could be part of event weekends etc... This would make every build different with you not really knowing what you're up against other than general stats for opponents cars as each part would have its pros and cons. It's also an incentive to continue playing and building your perfect ride for a long time to come.

Win a street race event against 3 other players and you'll win any random part grade 7-10.

You'll also be able to dyno your car and test to see what parts are more beneficial coupled together for more horsepower.

Custom Workshop/Garage

Just like bikers it's only fair us car enthusiasts get a place to work on our own cars and chill with friends. If you can't afford your own garage you can still go to Hayes Tuning and Auto Body Shop to access the new features. Otherwise, you can work on your car from your own shop and customize your workshop with a variation of styles from derelict and dated garage to a gleaming auto shop with polished floors.


So this petition was a little more than a description and more of a pitch document. Whether that would affect Rockstar's take on this DLC I don't know but it's something myself, my crew and a lot of other car enthusiasts hooked with GTA would love to see and we can make something like this a reality with your signature! I'm sure Rockstar will have their own genius way to create a DLC like this and surely it's something they can't ignore given the overwhelming support my trailer received, not to mention to shark card moneiz inbound from something like this! Thank you all for watching the trailer and reading up if you got this far, sign away!

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