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GTA 5 Slick City Dlc

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The slick city Dlc petition is focused around trying to get a racing Dlc for GTA 5 this petition will be sent to rockstar games to review eventually concept is below

The slick city is a GTA 5 online DLC concept that takes place awhile after the Diamond casino and resort started having money problems due to the frequent heists and robberies starting to take place shortly after our characters set these changes into motion.

This concept will include
- map changes
- new vehicles
- new clothing
- new upgrades

- collectibles
- new emotes


As the diamond casino slowly fails in business due to its premium insurance rates the people of San Andreas slowly looks for a better form of entertainment all eyes slowly drift to a new development out in grapeseed, a new company recently purchased a huge section of land and has been excavating and laying large strips of asphalt and cement.


The development started taking place near the old grapeseed airport, beside the airport there are two fields that an old farmer used to own after an accident the fields were then bought to be excavated for a new building and strip

Development stage

Over a few weeks, grapeseed will go under a series of dramatic changes. First, there is an increase in construction equipment scattered around the fields ranging from excavators and bulldozers as the days go past slowly a track will start to form stretching across the two fields, slowly the stands, concrete barriers are transported inline the track, meanwhile slowly the construction of the garages and main building start.

Ownable property

After the completion of the drag strip, it started getting flood from spectators in search of a new form of entertainment. The Drag strip then put a workshop up for sale in Hope's of getting new drivers to help entertain their new crowd

The walk around

After purchasing your new Drag workshop you will be given a walk around of the premises showing off everything the drag strip has to offer to range from your own personal garage as well as the main conjoining building where display vehicles are show and tickets are sold along with the sign-up booth ( more on later )

The workshop

The workshop comes with multiple default options ranging from the initial workshop to a small garage space but for money additional, you will be able to get the following modifications

Style - the style upgrades will affect the walling and flooring helping to create a more immersive workshop depending on what time period you would like your workshop

Dyno - the Dyno is a purchasable upgrade that when used will tell you your vehicles top speed, 0 to 60, as well 0-100

Extra garbage space - for some extra cash the strip is offering an exclusive garage space that can hold up to 12 cars
Living quarters - the small personalized quarters that you can get with different variants within the quarters there is also a trophy wall and laptop to browse your track stats and other dragster builds

Ticket/main building

The ticket/main building is connected to the Drag workshop this building contains a ticket booth for setting up races ( more on later) within this main building there is a VIP booth similar to the one found within the arena, there is also a display podium that has a fully modified drag car with racing slicks and a blower sitting in the center of the room.


The public racing is divided into classes based on the car you plan on racing the classes go as so small wheel, big wheel, nitrous oxide, dragster, funny car, and special that will include any vehicle with a rocket as well as collectible vehicles ( more on later)


Classes are unlocked as you processed to race in drag races earning more XP towards the next class of races unlocking new parts for cheaper prices as well as unlocking the next tier of race


Prizes depend upon the classes and the amount of money in play for bets special drag races earn the most going down the list to small wheel earning the least

Betting system/ pinks

There are two sections of the betting/ prize system cash and pinks, the cash system is the simplest system with a betting limit of 100 grand cash limit for betting all bets must be matched by the other competitors, the second section to the betting system is betting pink slips whereupon agreement of both parties you both put a car on the line, it does not have to be the vehicle you are racing.


There are three different categories of vehicles added with the slick city

Normal - everyday cars not built for racing

Drag edition - car taken and completely rebuilt with new upgrade options and top speed and acceleration available from the Drag workshop

Special - special vehicles consist of vehicles built with the intent to only be used on the strip they can, however, be used in free mode

Everyday cars

The everyday cars consist of a car from all category's ranging from muscle to import, certain vehicles from the everyday category can be upgraded into the drag edition

Dodge charger hemi
1971 Plymouth GTX
Dodge ram SRT- 10
1966 Chevy C10
2018 dodge ram 3500 dually

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
1993 Mustang foxbody
2020 Shelby Mustang GT500
1973 Pontiac trans am
2003 Nissan Fairlady Z Z33

2018 Camaro ( drag )
1964 nova wagon

1964 Porsche 356 A
Mazda MX-5 Miata
1968 Volkswagen t2 pickup
1971 Datsun wagon

2020 Ferrari F8

The list of the everyday vehicles go as so some vehicles have drag variants cover in the next section

Drag edition

The Drag edition of vehicles unlocks new upgrades that will be covered after the vehicles, these upgrades help boost speed, acceleration, and traction but with the downside of these vehicles tend to not be able to suffer as much damage and with the possibility to flip due to tires leaving the asphalt

Dukes ( drag edition)
Vamos ( drag edition)
Phantom ( drag edition)
Picador ( drag edition)
Jester classic ( drag edition)
1971 Plymouth GTX ( drag edition)
Dodge ram SRT-10 ( drag edition)
Shelby mustang ( drag edition)

1971 Datsun wagon ( drag edition)

Stallion ( drag edition)
2019 Cobra jet 50th anniversary ( drag edition)

2019 Camaro COPO ( drag edition )

[B]Special vehicles

Camaro funny car
Chevelle funny car
Corvette nitro funny car
1970 slingshot dragster
Sleek machine dragster
Phantom dragster

Restoreables ( more in collectible section)


With the Drag strip slowly gaining popularity the demands for high-performance parts becoming higher in demand the Drag strip made a contract so all high-performance parts have to be ordered through the strip, due to having a Drag workshop you have access to all the upgrades, most can be equipped to every vehicle unless stated otherwise.

Tier 5 upgrades - tier 5 upgrades were developed shortly after the drag strip became popular due to high demand for better performance - parts included in new tier 5 are engine, transmission, and breaks

Turbo MK.2 - probably designed by a speed junkie in his garage the turbo Mk.2 has recently hit the market helping vehicles with a dramatic acceleration boost

New tires - with the demand for new traction new slicks available for all drag edition cars these slicks help increase traction and acceleration

Parachute - on the first few opening days of the strip there was an increase in vehicles struggling to stop before the end of the strip so for drag editions car an optional parachute can be purchased triggered by the horn, the parachute will slow you down dramatically on both the land ( it may also slow your descent back to earth )

Nitrous oxide Mk.2 - After arena war slowly got less popular due to lack of contestants they sold their formula for nos over time it was improved to be more powerful it is now often used at the strips or for street racers

Restorables/ collectables

Scattered across the map are multiple car carcasses that hold their own stories within their deaths but like everything else they are waiting for their rebirth to get there revenge

Across the map is a few carcasses of racing legends abandoned or destroyed from time, the owner of the strip explains that these vehicles and original parts are somewhere in San Andreas mostly parted out he gives you a list of vehicles and wishing you luck that you may one day bring them back to the glory

Vehicle list
- Phantom drag w wing
- dodge ram dually

- drag Chevelle two-door

- mustang foxbody
- gauntlet funny car


Embroidered leather jacket - a leather jacket with company logos embroidered on the back

Racing gloves - plan color racing gloves sold separately from racing outfits

Embroidered hoodies - plan hoodies with designs on the back ex.skulls, logos, etc

Logo muscle shirt - muscle shirts with logos on the back and small on the front


With the release of the slick city some new emotes will be released according to the style of the update, included in these emotes are

Welding - character pulls out the welder and proceeds to weld against an imaginary surface

Pit stop - character pulls out battery-powered and takes out imaginary bolts

Water break - pulls out rockstar logo water bottle and has a drink

Wrench toss - casually tosses a wrench into the air

This concludes the slick city DLC concept all help in sharing this petition is greatly appreciated

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