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Bring McDreamy Back!

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This is for everyone who feels that Grey\'s Anatomy, tv\'s number one show, has gone down the drain. The writers and producers seem to be making things up as they go along, paying no attention to the subtle and glaring character developments they put so much effort into creating in the first and second seasons. Sign this if you feel the third season can\'t even be compared to the first two seasons. Sign this if you feel Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd has had a personality transplant. Mr. "I\'ll always show up" has suddenly become an avoider, pushing away the woman he loves for a JOB. McDreamy has disappeared, been kidnapped or killed. He\'s certainly not on Grey\'s Anatomy anymore. He\'s been replaced by McSucksSoMuchHeDoesn\'tDeserveAMcNickname. Sign this is you feel Meredith has become a victim of everything under the sun, from a neglectful father to an emotionally abusing mother to a bipolar boyfriend. Give the girl a break! Torture somebody else! Sign this if you feel Burke if trying to Stepford-ize Christina. Sign this if you feel Christina is no longer her strong, independent self. Sign this if you desire the writing style of the first and second seasons. Sign this if you\'re sick of contrived situations and rating stunts. Sign this if you want Meredith to do something to piss Derek off or to get her spunk back. Why is she letting Derek walk all over her Sign this if you like McSteamy better than McDreamy. Sign this if you feel Alex and Mark are characterized as asses, while really being good guys. Sign this if you feel Derek is being characterized as a saint while really being an ass. You don\'t have to agree with everything I\'ve said. If you agree with just one thing, sign. Sign if you\'re disappointed or unsatisfied with the current direction/season of Grey\'s Anatomy. Feel free to comment about your own disappointments with the show when you sign! Let\'s make our voices heard!


Sponsored by fans/former fans of Grey\'s Anatomy who want the show to return to its former glory.
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