Stop Greyhound Racing

Jonathan Whiteford
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Tens of thousands of greyhounds are killed in the UK every year. Many are killed as pups if they don't chase or aren't fast enough. Many ex-racing greyhounds are abandoned or killed. Some dogs are shot and buried in shallow graves. Often their ears are cut off to prevent identification by racing tattoos. Injuries such as broken toes, torn muscles and strained tendons are common. Dogs have died from broken backs and heat exhaustion. Greyhounds spend most of their lives in small, dark and often dirty kennels. Some trainers keep up to 100 dogs in windowless buildings. >>>FACT The British greyhound racing industry has admitted that 500 - 1,000 retired greyhounds are put to death every year. This alone would be enough to justify a ban on greyhound racing, but the true figure for retired dogs killed is, sadly, far, far higher. Quite possibly as many as 6,000.




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