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Why Would A Walmart Ex-Associate Hang on Property & Attack Customers?

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    • Walmart ~~ America's # 1, Corporate Giant Is asleep at doing business right, when it comes to The Public's Health and Safety Concerns.

      The death of Shopper, Mr. David Oakleaf, on the night-after  Halloween, could have be prevented and or anyone of us could been victimized in the wrong place at the wrong time. This elderly man 74 years old was beaten too death with an aluminum baseball bat because he said "NO" to a drifter who was asking him for money.                                                                                   One witness, Jennifer Thompson, talked to TV reporters at the scene late Tuesday and said she was one aisle over when she overheard the brutal attack. "It was  very scary . Very very scary, to hear the noise of someone's life being taken away." Thompson told KCAL Channel 9; "Noises like moans and could hear when he hit him. It was awful, so awful. And, then I went around the corner and peeked...and he just walked out like it was nothing."

      This Corporate Giant "Walmart", chose to ignore reports about prior and recent violence on its property, due too drifters needing too survive as well in these recovering times.

      Amazingly, The Press Telegram, in Long Beach California, initial wrote that Mr. David Oakleaf, the 74 year old elderly man, who was beaten to death, was a homeless man, and  who was actually the Walmart customer that was beaten too death.                       

      The Press Telegram,  also initially vowed that it was just an isolated incident in the long Beach area, which is totally false, attacks on shoppers on Walmart premise have a  frequent reality. In LA; people who do not have money know how too get some. Its almost like asking yourself, should I go too bed hungry or go out like a man and get some food for me and me family?

      The truth is, that on, On July 1, 2011, I was attacked by somronr  who is  a black belt in martial arts  and a Walmart ex-associate who was/is  known too be violent. This is known  by other Walmart workers. Who has reported too supervisors previously that he was on the store's premise and that he  should have not been  on Walmart property due too unpaid fines receive for previous incidents while on Walmart Property.  However,  security and others who know him. They  know that all he talks about is violence acts and prior violent act of violent  and Walmart  continue too allow him on their property even seen daily on camera  hanging out.  However  no one stop him  as he continue too hang out at this Walmart.  I "HAD" to call 911 myself, (police report numbers 1142765 and 111162960) who else was bold enough too try too help me. They not only know this person was violent and who always  brag on his martial arts skills. they saw on camera the incident (just like David Oakleaf  and did nothing too  even come around). I felt so alone as someone ill.

      When I was down knocked out after being attacked. It was disturbing all the whys and hows (I had just left Long Beach Community Hospital where I was being administered   IV for food, medication and being told by my Doctor  that I was not expected too live long was not  good for my health mentally or physically or even spiritually) Long Beach Community Hospital Medical # 80046279 E 20-64-62; MD. Lai Christopher,  and there I lied on that Hotter than July  concrete without  any  Walmart's security or personnel too come too my assistance and stop this now homelss ex- Walmart associate that they allowed him too hang out on their property aware things suchas my incident  could happened. Walmart, has a video surveillance system in place on its property and they have security guards right where my attack happened and not one of the stores personnel  appeared too help me,  they failed too investigate  or when all the Long Beach Police arrived "Walmart" was still unattentive or concerned  too this  Public Safety Concern on its premise.

      One would think, no one came or  that at least someone, would have helped me. Not one person responded, not anyone, (they later admitted that they seen it on their recording system) except for the police, whom I calI from my own cell-phone. They did arrive and  I told police what had happened to me.

      I also told police that if Walmart did not change its practices, training and procedures more of these types of violent acts aimed at consumers was sure too follow. 

      I often noticed several commotions at "Walmart" involving the super needy low income people, looking for shoppers and asking for money. Nonetheless, isn't this a wonderful place too hang homeless during," the tis da season too be jolly."Its unfortunate some of "walmart" shoppers and families will feel beaten this holiday season.

      Walmart refused too answer or return any of my calls or respond too any messages I left, concerning their plan for remedies or actions they could enact, to keep consumers safe from being attacked by people hanging outside store premises. Once again I was ignored.

      I truly believe that if Walmart would have listened too me and acted upon prior reports from customer's complaints. Then, without question.  Mr. David Oakleaf, today  would still be alive. If Walmart had changed its practices then, by not allowing drifters  "prone too violent " too  hang out in front of their store, making trouble for consumers, this incident would have been intercepted by their security guards and a life would have been saved... sad but not so. 

      This Corporate Giant "Walmart" is responsible for this criminal attack upon Mr. David Oakleaf, an elderly 74 year old man. Walmart was aware of the drifters who asked for money, and knew they where prone to violence, due to open public documents. 

      It's crystal clear that safety is a concern because, consumers have been attacked on these premises before, and Walmart  have ignored this ongoing problem. Thus, they  did nothing to ensure public safety. 

      We must now demand accountability for Walmart's deliberate criminal negligence, for not responding and ensuring the safety of their customers from people who are being allowed on Walmarts property frequently without money or any intentions too shop.

      Walmart's policies, practices, training and most important safety procedures must be immediately implemented, especially with the upcoming holiday seasons. 


  • UPDATED: One dead, one detained in slaying at Lakewood Walmart

    Police say victim beaten to death with baseball bat
    Updated: 11/02/2011 11:26:02 AM PDT

    Sheriff's deputies investigate a deadly beating with a baseball bat inside the Lakewood Walmart. (Scott Varley / Staff Photographer

    LAKEWOOD — An attack inside a Lakewood Walmart Tuesday resulted in the second slaying to occur in the normally quiet community within less than 48 hours.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide detectives were sent to the Walmart, at 2770 Carson St., late Tuesday after an assault turned deadly.

    Sheriff's deputies from the Lakewood Station were called to the store at about 4:25 p.m. following an attack, said Deputy Mark Pope.

    Authorities released few details about the incident Tuesday, but did confirm that a man, described as white, was pronounced dead at the store and another white male, age 47, was being detained pending further investigation.

    Sheriff's Homicide Lt. Eddie Hernandez said the attack was captured on surveillance equipment and it appeared to be unprovoked.

    Though many witnesses said the suspect looked homeless, that had not been confirmed, the lieutenant said.

    "The victim was attacked in the sporting goods section," Hernandez said. "The suspect approached him and started to attack him with a baseball bat, causing severe head trauma."

    The 47-year-old suspect was still being questioned as of 8:30 p.m. and had not been booked, Hernandez said.

    The business was evacuated and the area was swarming with sheriff's deputies as employees and customers were


    Food was brought out for those required to stay for the investigation.

    "I think it was a customer who died," said a customer, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    The slaying marked the second violent death in the city in less than two days.

    According to FBI crime statistics, there were no homicides reported in Lakewood last year and only one homicide was listed for all of 2009.

    However, the Lakewood Walmart is no stranger to police activity. Sheriff's deputies were there in August and had to use non-lethal beanbag rounds to stop a man who was brandishing knives inside the store.

    His name was still being withheld Tuesday as Los Angeles County Coroner's investigators   searched for his next of kin, officials said.

    The officer-involved shooting at the Walmart occurred in August, after 33-year-old Lucious      Wilson of Long Beach brandished two knives while ranting incoherently at a woman inside the McDonald's located within the Walmart

    Wilson cut himself on the arm and authorities believed he was going to kill himself or someone 

    else when they shot him him with beanbag rounds.

    Wilson was then taken into custody and placed on a psychiatric hold.

    Anyone with information about Tuesday's slaying was urged to call the Sheriff's Department  Homicide Bureau at 323-890-5500.

  •  After more and more research. I have discover that the violent person who is known too been violent too associates. Where he used too work and was not supposed too been upon the stores property. Explains, clearly why no one who know him  got involved as I laid there attacked by a martial artist who I had done nothing too but been nice too. See my facebook video at that location before Mr.Oakleaf death. This video can be found on my facebook page too week before Oakleaf death also I informed the police that these violent attacks will get worse at Walmart  and I am sorry that  they did,


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