Protect the animals in Greece

sofia pipera
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Dear Prime Minister, The conditions the animals in Greece are living and the way people are abusing them is very indeed very sad for a country that gave so many good things over the years. Please make sure Greece takes the below actions urgently. All animal owners need to register their animals and put chip on them. If the animals are found abandoned or in bad condition a fine will need to be paid. What is more this person will never be allowed again to have an animal. All dogs should not be chained or be in small boxes/ cages. All dogs should have fresh food and water and good shelter not in the middle of nowhere in the sun. The same rule should apply for goats, donkeys, etc. Greek goverment to work with local charities and provide water and food in the streets for all the stray animals. Education should be given in schools to children and adults on how to deal with stray animals and how they can help. People should be reporting animal abuse and if found not to report it a fine should will be given. All dogs and cats should be neutered. Yours sincerely