Bring a Great Wolf Lodge to Southern Illinois

Donnie Laur
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Recently, Great Wolf Lodge was mentioned as a possible anchor for the new Southern Illinois STAR bond project targeted for Marion, IL. Great Wolf Resorts, which operates 12 water parks across North America, was identified by Swansea developer Bruce Holland as an example of what could be built in a 400-acre "destination development" being touted for Marion. However, at this point Illinois is not in their plans. Great Wolf Lodge is a perfect example of a destination location that should be in Southern Illinois. Our family has traveled 6 hours to Kansas City, Kansas to visit the closest Great Wolf Lodge. We had the time of our lives. Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park, with family events and games including a child learning center, an interactive video game, theme based rooms, and a video game arcade. Help by signing my petition to let companies like Great Wolf Lodge know that we need them in Illinois. Things have to be done first to target businesses like this to build here... we just want to let them know that they should be thinking of us.