I oppose the Development of a 280 Unit Apartment Complex on 22+ Acres of SeaCoast Property Adjacent to Grassy Creek

Lindsey Hillman
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ACT NOW to petition against Woodfield Investments proposed development for a 280 unit Apartment Complex on 22+ acres of land adjacent to Grassy Creek.

We need the help of every homeowner and others directly impacted by this proposed development in order for us to petition against the building of this apartment complex.

The approval of this development will be decided upon by The Mt. Pleasant Town Hall Council in the very near future.

Let the Council know that you are opposed by SIGNING NOW!


* Rezoning / Increased Density of Current PUD

* Major Traffic Impact 

* Decreased Property Values

* Security

* Outsiders using our park, pavilion, and docks

* 3+ story tall buildings in many of our backyards

* Very little buffer between the apartment buildings and our neighborhood


Residents of Grassy Creek



The developer of the 280 unit apartment complex is Woodfield Investments. 




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