Grandparents Should Have Rights To Their Grandchildren In North Carolina

Brenda Moore
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For so many years grandparents have been raising children. They raise their children and are often left with a situation where they are forced to raise their grandchildren.. This comes in different forms. May be the grandparent buys clothing and food for the family, provide a stable place to live for the family or even give money for the parents of parents to pay rent in the place where they reside; but when it comes to the right of the grandparents it seem impossible for them to have rights; well that is the way it is in the State of North Carolina. Regardless of what a grandparent does for their grandchild and or grandchildren; when it relates to being able to have a say in their life whether it is because of parents are no longer together or because there is evidence that the parent or parent are not fit to raise the child or children, or even evidence that the child or children are being mistreated or even abused then the law prevent the grandparents the right to have a say or even to be able to visit with the very child that they have been helping to take care of or even raised. This law need to change because nearly 8 million children are living in the home where the grandparents are raising them or are helping to raise them. This number is just in the United States. Another 2 million are in the home of other relatives. If the grandparents can't have a say when it comes to the grandchildren that love and are raising then tell me who will speak on behalf of the children. Do we just let them be mistreated or abused or even killed. Please join me in getting this law changed in North Carolina. We need to be able to visit with our grandchildren. And we the grandparents have to be the voice of the children. Please sign the Petition so we can change the law to enable grandparents the right to see and visit their grandchildren. Thank you. You can contact me by e-mail at or you call me at (919) 585-7169. Sincerely:   Brenda Moore





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