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Grandparents' Rights in the State of Louisiana

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The rights of grandparents in the state of Louisiana have not changed since Harry was a puppy meaning 1900's. In the state of Louisiana, the law supports grandparents in visitation of the grandchildren only. I believe there are so many other reasons why grandparents should be given more than just visitation rights.One definition I read on "law" says, the law derives from a combination of the divine or moral laws, the laws of nature and human experience as each has been evolved by human intellect influenced by the virtues of the ages. Human laws must therefore of necessity continally change as human experience shall prove the necessity of new laws to meet new evils or, evils which have taken upon themselves new forms or as the public conscience shall change, thus viewing matters from a different moral viewpoint. Well, that's my point to this petition. The laws concerning grandparents have not changed, and it has been a hurt to those who has been a part of this state all their lives. There are some things you will never concern yourself with, until they come knocking at your door. Three years ago I had to bury my only child, who died prior to the birth of her only child, at BR General Hospital. She was 23 years old, she meet a young man in January of 2009 and died January 2010, not really knowing him nor his family. The young man cared nothing about taking on the responsibility as a husband and father until my daughter was in the grave. Father in name only, and we know it takes more than just that.So because of the laws of Louisiana,my only grandchild was thrust into the hands of a 19 year old who couldn't provide for himself, nor has the experience to raise or provide for a baby. In the eyes of the state, all you need is to be able to produce after your own kind and that's enough. The state does not need to know if the the child is being placed in a suitable environment or not, or even care what the dead parent may have wanted.Grandparents should be able to provide a stabilizing role in their grandchildren's lives, particularly after the death of a parent. MY QUESTION IS WASN'T THE LAW MADE FOR THE PEOPLE OR THE PEOPLE FOR THE LAW? There are so many grandparents that feel hopeless when it comes to the way they would love to provide a healthy lifestyle and safe environment for their grandchildren, but the law is in the way of that. Grandparents should have as much rights to be involved. The state of Mississippi is very supportive of their grandparents. I believe that the laws concerning grandparent rights should be changed in the state of Louisiana immediately. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IN SUPPORT OF GRANDPARENTS IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA!!!


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