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Dear Mr. President, We, as American citizens, do not take kindly to being lied to. Granted, many of the falsehoods are hidden and covert, at first glance, but are there, nonetheless. You say you won't raises taxes, yet you keep giving away our money by the trillions of dollars, all the while admitting that under your health care plan, you can't cover the so-called additional 46 million people for free and that you're going to have to find the money somewhere. Well, even if you won't be honest about it, President Obama, as American citizens, we already know where that "somewhere" is! We've known for several years now, that you have no problem with abortion of any kind. So you really want us to believe that your health care plan will not include abortion And whether it is healthcare for illegal immigrants or the so-called "death panels" have learned that, at the very least, your objective is ambiguous wording which leaves the door open to enact a radical agenda at the opportune moment. President Obama, when are you going to take seriously your sworn oath to protect us as American citizens We don't feel very safe when you cozy up to our enemies, use avowed Communists as your advisers, delete terms like the war on terror from the national vocabulary, and now we learn you are setting the stage to prosecute those of the CIA- and others- who have sacrificed to protect and save American lives!! I am grieved to admit to a nagging question I must ask of you, Mr. President: Whose side are you really on Contrary to what you may think, the American people are not stupid. Instead, we are repulsed by the web of falsehoods you're using to destroy the fabric of our country. I implore you and other elected officials to get honest. The lies coming out of Washington these days are enslaving us. The Bible states, "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." American citizens have been honest with you. The majority of us have said we do not want government-run health care. Why would we, when our government cannot sustain Medicare or even the U.S. Postal Service Politicians so quickly forget that you work for us, the American people. Common citizens like me are desperately trying to get one message through to the power-hungry brains of career politicians these days, and that is this: WE JUST WANT TO LIVE IN FREEDOM WITHOUT THE INTRUSION OF OUR GOVERNMENT INTO EVERY FACET OF OUR LIVES! More than likely, that did not sink in with you or some of our congressmen, so I'll try another approach. Now read my lips: GET OFF OUR BACKS! To be fair, President Obama, there is one promise you have succinctly delivered upon, and that is the promise of change. Unfortunately, your brand of change threatens the hope Americans hold for their future: the hope for our children to live in a free society, to grow up and make choices for themselves, without government intervention. That same hope that fuels their dreams to better themselves and their fellow citizens by their entrepreneurial spirits and creativity and the hope which enables us as Americans to carry on the legacy of a God-blessed nation with principles that have prospered us for over 200 years, since the founding fathers declared our independence from the oppressiveness of British rule. Mr. President, there is something else you need to know. If any of us ever did, the majority of us no longer trust you. Furthermore, we are keeping a close eye on everything you politicians are doing, and I promise you this: you WILL hear from us, one way or another. This conflict is not about racism or one political party or another. It is about freedom and stopping your radical agenda which prohibits it. Patriotic Americans like me are not giving up this fight, because we know we're right. We have been a free nation for all these years, and we love our country too much to go quietly down the path to tyranny! And besides, we actually have the law of the land on our side: our sacred and beloved Constitution! Sincerely, Grace ~A Patriotic American


A non-partisan coalition of concerned citizens, unwilling to submit to the big-government agenda currently proposed by President Obama and our Congressional leaders.


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