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Governments, schools and workplaces should prioritize Well-Being and Development for All

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I add my own voice to the Conscious Leadership Manifesto! I, too, believe that a more conscious world is possible! I envision a world built upon dignity and respect for self and all life. I understand that environments that promote individual development of awareness, relationships, creativity and leadership lead to greater well-being.

Well-being, put simply, is what most people desire: health and happiness. However, science shows humans are, generally, not so great at finding happiness. The largest study on well-being reveals that strong relationships and a sense of purpose are among the strongest correlates of wellness and happiness. Organizations can promote well-being by providing authentic relationships, healthy habits, a sense of purpose, sufficient autonomy and opportunities for development or mastery.

I think that the world sorely lacks more conscious leaders - in businesses, in government, and in civil society - that can promote well-being at large. As such, I will seek to be a more conscious leader in my own way and to foster conscious leadership in others. I will encourage those in a position of influence to do the same.

I understand that when individuals are empowered to create and serve, they can enjoy offering the highest level of evolutionary accomplishment to society. I will do more and demand more as a relative, friend, neighbor, citizen, consumer, colleague, manager, educator, service provider, entrepreneur, public figure or community leader for more ethical and equitable humanity -- one that facilitates the realization of potential and promotes the richness of experiences and relationships.

I want a society that increasingly values the irreducible nature of our inner life and our collective synergies, including our desire to enjoy and share liberty, discovery, delight, inspiration, accomplishment, cooperation, and spiritual evolution.

Governments, schools and workplaces are responsible for helping every individual enjoy a more authentic and accomplished life. Individuals and teams in every community and organization can catalyze healthy changes at the deepest level of any process: our minds, our consciousness. I understand that changes at this root level, affect the basis of our relationships, attitudes, values, and patterns of behavior. Therefore, any effort and resource available to develop our consciousness should be studied and supported.

Each unhealthy, unhappy individual without opportunity for development is a loss for all human kind in all senses including ethically, economically, and culturally. I will join forces with all those who wish to develop a life, consciousness or development-centered civilization that brings out what makes you awe-some. Let us unleash untapped potential, innovation, will, attention, creativity, connection, beauty and vitality for individual liberty, social and ecological dignity and fraternal common good.

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