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UK Government Resignation

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I believe government is just another word for lies. Like so many other governments before, they promised reform and prosperity for all. But nothing of the sort has occurred to anyone that I know, indeed I (like so many other innocent individuals) have stood by and watched as the government have yet again betrayed the citizens of this country. It is said that no 1 man can rule a nation, yet we stand by idly and allow it to happen every day. We are told by the government that some things are too big for them to decide on alone and requires a referendum, I have not seen a single piece of paper come through my front door asking my opinion in any matter regarding the running of Britain, despite the amount of referendums the government appears to have. The government have funded millions of pounds from tax payers earnings to pay for a state funeral and a statue of a deceased prime minister that started the ruination of this country. Where was our referendum on this matter. Billions of taxpayers pounds are given in financial aid to (so called third world) countries with very little hope of ever seeing any reimbursement, yet countries and continents like Africa and India are some of the richest nations in the world due to oil, gold diamonds and other precious metals and gems. The regions that do actually suffer from drought and poverty are very minor compared to the rest of Africa and India and it is their responsibility to care for their own. It is not in our remit and we are not accountable for the state of other nations. This accountability lies squarely on the shoulders of their respective governments. Yet there are people in this country, both young and old, from single people to families, that struggle day on day to make ends meet. Where is our help when we need it? There is no help because there is no money left in the purse for Britains children. This tiny insignificant island nation, that was once great, is barely able to support itself any more and yet the flood gates have been left open to all alien nations. More housing is required to support these foreigners, but Britain has no land left to give, yet still the government want to build on greenbelt land, leaving even less countryside and resources for the British populace to enjoy. Not only that but the national health service is suffering because foreigners come here to get treatment for illnesses (some treatments run into the thousands) and before they pay the bills they owe, they migrate back to their own countries and get lost in the system, leaving yet more debt that the british tax payers have to find and can ill afford. How can they do this, you may well ask, the answer to that is find something else to tax people on. We watch friends and family going into abject poverty and being left homeless, owing thousands of pounds to local councils, due to yet another brainchild dreamt up by some insignificant, thoughtless, executive spin doctor (the bedroom tax), as a way of injecting more money into the countries coffers. People are forced to sell their belongings and personal effects in order to maintain a roof over their heads and once everything has gone they are still subject to eviction because they have nothing left to give. People are becoming homeless, they are turning to crime to support themselves and their families. Some of these people have jobs and yet they are unable to buy even food and are forced to live on soup. There are people in their 40's-50's forced to go and live back with their parents, children or other members of their family. People are taking their own lives in order to maintain their dignity and self preservation because they cannot afford yet more taxes foisted on them. How sad is that. Meanwhile huge supermarkets and outlet chains are throwing away thousands of tones of food each year because it is deemed unfit for human consumption, this in turn gets written off through their insurance brokers, which means we are liable to foot the cost again by having our household, life and car insurance set artificially high. THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE GOVERNMENTS GREED. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. A friend of mine is unable to claim any financial aid from the government because working just 4 hours per week she earns too much for any monetary assistance. The council have informed her that out of her £28 per week earnings she needs to pay 50% of her £98 per week rent and bedroom tax on top for having a 2 bedroom house. She is too afraid to give up the job and go onto JSA because she will be penalized for 6 weeks and receive no income, yet she is unable to find any other form of employment, no matter how hard she searches. I was always lead to believe that was what income support was for (topping up your income so you were able to live comfortably).
The taxes that are levied upon the, working class, are far too great, they cannot reasonably afford any more and yet the government still expects more, they ask for blood. Tax payers are being left with no disposable income. Shop assistants are unhappy, discourteous, and sometimes downright rude, why, because they know that despite all their hard work and the long hours they put in, at the end of the week their wages mean nothing. Over recent years the government has taken away our liberty and freedom of choice in almost everything we wish to do and now they are taking the last vestige of what it is to be human, our dignity.
Some people, due to genuine physical or mental health issues are being forced back into work because they do not qualify under the new Department of Work and Pensions reform, despite some people handing in completely authentic sick certificates, written out by their own GP. This is the government telling people that their doctor is incompetent. We have stood aside long enough and now it is time to say, STOP, NO MORE, we need to make a stand against the government and petition for a vote of no confidence. No longer can stand aside and allow the government to blithely dismiss the plight of the British citizens. This government needs to be routed from their comfortable seats and parliament. Any future government needs to learn a lesson in humility and be made aware that no longer will we stand back and allow ourselves to simply be trodden under foot. They need to start to work for the people, not their own prosperity. Please show your support for Britains cause by signing this petition. Simply add your name and e-mail address to the end of this letter. The more signatures obtained the better. We need to show a united front, people of this country can have a unified voice and get some real changes made for the better. There will be a link to this page on facebook, through my profile tell your families and friends and get them to sign.

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