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Goverment Bill of Lading Transparency

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Petition for GBL Transparency

The undersigned affix their signatures to this document in order to provide transparency for those whose livelihoods are governed by the terms of a U.S. Government bill of Lading herein after denoted as a GBL.

The GBL being the written evidence of a contract for the carriage and delivery of goods. The term goods as we use it refers to Household goods in domestic carriage. The GBL for the carriage of Household Goods in its body describes in its body the terms for the carriage of freight. . In its body the GBL states the amount of monies to be paid as a transportation discount percentage.

Well the GBL in its original form as printed by in this case by SDDC and official Dept. of Defense command states a discount rate for transportation services of Household Goods. This discount rate is what the providers of services put their full faith in to gain payment for services rendered. Yes the providers put their full faith and credit into what the SDDC prints on the face of the GBL . The GBL in truth is a contract for services between the US GOVT. and the provider or providers which can be sub-contractors .

Now we have a problem in finding out what the discount rate is for transportation services. We now find even though SDDC printed the GBL an official government document a contract for carriage of household goods this document has been altered without the consent of SDDC.

What we are reporting is that the transportation discount rate has been eradicated from the face of the GBL. Yes many, many, of these official documents have been altered to obfuscate the discount for transportation.

The result of this altering of an official US Govt. document is done with the intent of denying to various providers, sub- contractors engaged in the carriage of US Military household goods what by reason of the printed discount rate is rightfully theirs. Eradicating the discount rate means the various providers have no way of checking on the authenticity of the discount rate, Without the ability to verify because of eradication of the Discount RATE % certain unscrupulous TSPs and MMCs can tell the sub-contractors a false discount rate. For example if the discount rate% is 50% as printed on the GBL the UNSCRUPULOUS MMC - TSP can then tell the subcontractors the discount RATE is now 59%. The result of this action is that the unscrupulous ones the TSP_MMC pocket 9% that belong to the sub-contractors.

Now let us do the arithmetic if there is an amount of $100.00 to be dispersed to a subcontractor at 50% discount he would receive $50.00 , but at a 59% discount the subcontractor receives $41.00 . Now we have a difference of 18% which is pocketed by the UNSCRUPULOUS TSP-MMC.

We the undersigned in order to receive 100 % the monies due for their services ask that SDDC forbid the practice of eradicating the discount from the GBL the official govt. document by certain unscrupulous MMCs and TSPs. The purpose of this action would be to ensure full-payment for services rendered by the TSP or MMC.

In order to regain the monies taken from the sub-contractors by the unscrupulous TSPs and MMCs without a class action suit being necessary or a FOIA action instituted ask SDDC to make available to any subcontractor a copy of an unaltered GBL on which services have been performed.

We the undersigned sub-contractor providers of GBL DOMESTIC HOUSEHOLD GOODS SERVICES affix our names to this petition.

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