Google, please don't make us use our real names

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Dear Google; 

Don't be evil. 
You just changed your policy on the Google Play Store to require people to use their Google Plus real name when reviewing apps in your App Market. You claim to be doing this so people can be more trusting of reviews. While we appreciate you looking out for us, it really is ok if we occasionally download an app that had many favorable reviews... and we then find out it's not all that good. 
Really. It's not that big a deal. 
We will not review apps while you require this.
We don't want our real names to be used. Many of us prefer privacy on the internet.
You are also trying to push us into using our real names on YouTube. 
We would prefer to choose for ourselves if we want to use a real name or not.
We enjoy our privacy. 
If I upload a video of my 2 year old son, I would prefer that the entire world NOT know his real name. I don't care how many people view it as long as they are not able to figure out his real name. 
I don't want to make all my videos private. 

Thank you.




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