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「廢除狩獵、增撥資源促進人與野豬並存」聯署 Gone the Hunting! Boars are Neighbours!

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  • 香港市民對保護野生動物的意識日漸增加,痛心不同動物被殘害虐殺。若政府重啟狩獵隊,槍殺野豬,恐怕會加劇政府和市民的矛盾。
  • 若槍殺行為,重新出現在媒體上;甚至成為部分人邀功的英雄事蹟,這無疑對下一代的教育傳達出錯誤信息。
  • 香港城市空間狹小,狩獵隊在社區進行實彈槍殺行動,絶對會對社區市民安全構成巨大威脅。
  • 根據國際學術研究,獵殺動物的方法,並不能有效減少動物的數量。


  • 香港一向自詡為國際都會,近年,大部分市民愛護及尊重動物的表現,有目共睹,這是文明城市的體現。接下來,政府更應加強教育市民愛護及尊重動物,不能讓文明倒退。
  • 自2017年開始,漁護署推行更和平理性的野豬政策。綜觀全球,只有少數進步城市,有勇氣嘗試如此善待野豬。然而,先驅的政策需要資源去完善整個計劃,才能長遠解決人豬衝突,達致「人豬共融」的模範。


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Gone the Hunting! Boars are Neighbours!

Since end of 2017, the Hong Kong government has adopted an enlightened approach in wildlife management with a forte in peace and respect as evidenced by its attempt in “Trap, Neuter and Release” scheme to replace the culling of wild boars. We believe that Hong Kong is turning a new chapter in the management of wildlife. 

Yet recently to our deepest regret, some antagonistic voices against wild boars have revived demanding the re-introduction of the wild boar hunting team. For those who support such a bloodcurdling idea (including the hunting team members), we would like you to understand that the city this day and age has already evolved into a more civilized place holding higher ethical standards and a big heart for animals. Most of the people would find it unacceptable to see the city turn into a battlefield where sows were shot in face of their own piglets who would be traumatized with fear or subsequently die a slow and painful death. The call for wild boar culling is indeed a stark contrast to the recent plan of the Hong Kong government to introduce Animal Welfare Ordinance which is currently under public consultation. We trust that, Hong Kong people with an intelligent mind would know clearly how to make the best use of the available resources to minimize conflicts that may arise between humans and the animals.

In this connection, HK Wild Boar Concern Group is thus launching a petition pleading for the following:

(1) Abolition of Wild Boar Hunting Team of all forms

  • Hong Kong people are more conscious about animal welfare / rights than before and do not accept brutal killing of animals. If the government resumes wild boar hunting, that will only widen the chasm between the government and its people.
  • The outrageous killing of innocent animals will be splashed across different media platforms and be used by some people to glorify the killing as a heroic act. This will undoubtedly serve the worst education for the generations to come.
  • In view of the dense living environment, hunting activities would certainly pose a great threat to the lives of the citizens.
  • Academic studies around the world have already indicated that wild boar culling is not an effective way to control the population of the animals.

(2) To increase resources in the promotion of understanding towards wild boars and the protection of the animals

  • As proudly proclaims itself to be a metropolitan, Hong Kong has displayed a civilized attitude in the treatment of animals especially in recent years. To that end, the government should earmark further resources in cultivating more positive values and higher moral standards in the treatment of animals.
  • Since 2017, AFCD has introduced a harmonious and rational approach in the management of wild boars, being one of a few developed countries in the world making such a peaceful yet bold move. As with any other pilot schemes, it takes time to keep exploring and fine tuning before we can reap the greatest benefit from it. Only in this way would we be able to create a real harmony between humans and wild boars.

In view of the above reasons, we believe that it is time for the wild boar hunting team to lapse into history sparing resources for better use in the creation of a harmonious co-existence of humans and wild boars as we move into a more enlightened world.

Hosted by Hong Kong Wildboar Concern Group

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