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The Constitution of the United States is Hanging by a Thread!

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The title of the "Country"is the"United States of America!"

The Constitutional Name "United States" is Under Attack and is Being Methodically Removed and Replaced By the Name of the Continent Without a Constitutional Amendment.
Politicians and the Government are trying toOfficiallyRemove "United States."Sign this Petition if you think this is Wrong!

As written in the U.S. Constitution the ONLY Name for the Country is "United States" or "United States of America."

How the Name United States is being Attacked

~ Today many Businesses, Corporations, Politicians and even the U.S. Navy refer to and advertise the Country as simply "America." This is in spite ofthe fact that the word "of "in the "United States of America" simply means theOrigin. So breaking it down in three parts (1) the "United States" = The Country (2)"of " = originates or takes its beginningon (3) "America" = the Continent

~ In addition to this, AND THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT:Never... Not a Single Place in the Constitution or Amendments, is the term "America" Ever used by itself as the name to describe the Country. In spite of this fact, the U.S. Navy has Officially Changed their Name from "United States Navy" to "America's Navy." (It is on their Commercials, Telephone Recordings and They even Answer the Phone "America's Navy...A Global Force for Good.") It is no longer the "United States Navy" it's NOW "America's Navy."

~ Many U.S. Citizensdisapprovethatthe Media and representatives of the U.S.Government would want to shorten and demean the Country's Honorable Name "United States of America" to only exclusively "America," which is officially a Continent((North & South)and Not a Country!

~ Inhabitants living in other countries on the continent of America(North & South)strongly object to the Country United States, Its Government, and its Citizens taking the name for the Continent "of America" for exclusively themselves ... and see those who do it, as Ignorant and Arrogant.

Why It is WrongWe Believe this is Wrong for Several Reasons:

1.When shortening the Constitutional name to only America thismisleads people into misunderstanding the Constitution; because of this confusion most think "United States" and "America" aresynonymousand interchangeable.

2. Question:In the U.S. Constitution Every Time "United States" is Read, Can it be Removed and Replaced with Only Exclusively "America?" Answer: NOT WITHOUT A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT

3. Not a single place in the Constitution or Amendments is the term "America" ever used by itself as the name ofthe Country.

4. The Constitutionsaysvery clearly "Citizen of the United States."

5.IfPeople of theU.S.lose their identity asUnited States Citizens, many feel that thevalidity of the Constitution is called into question!

6. This is because it was written for "Citizens of the United States" on the Continent of America(North & South), Not for the American Continent.

7. ForFurther Information Concerning Strong Evidence That Proves That "America" Is Officiallythe Continent(North & South)not a CountryVisit:

The Solution

This Petition is to Establish:

~ By signing thispetition let it be known thatI recognize officiallythe Name of the Country, asONLYthe"UnitedStates"or the"United States of America" as it is written in theUnited StatesConstitution!"

~I am declaring that Preserving Protecting and Defending the Constitution of the Country United States: means NOT to ignore, shorten, or remove any words from the Constitution; or to shorten the Name for the Country "United States of America" to only the Name of the Continent... Unless following the Amendment Process Described in the Constitution of the United States.

~ I am declaring that the official definition for the "United States of America" Shall Be Defined As: The Country "United States" on the Continent "of America."(North & South)

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God Bless the Country "United States" on the Continent "of America."

The Truth In Defining the "United States of America" Name ACT


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