Windows 8 support for Intel Atom Tablets

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GMA600 and GMA3600/3650are used on many Windows 8 Atom tablets, Fujitsu Q550, KUPA X11, and more. According to specs it should support DirectX 10, and judging by it's performance on iPads (same PowerVR core) the chip itself delivers nice performance.

The current Windows 7 driver is hardly providing any HW acceleration. Most Windows 8apps crash or display a blank screen. And those that don't, have abysmal performance.

Microsoft and tablet manufacturers should be quite wary about getting a bad publicity for Windows tablets if they want toget some market share from Apple. So, if we put the pressure on Microsoft, Fujitsu, HP, Dell, KUPA and other tablet manufacturers, they would force Intel to provide a proper Windows 8 driver.

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