xxxTea Party Confidence and Support

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We, the undersigned members of the Greater Lowell Tea Party, do hereby support and encourage the fundamental principles of the Tea Party Movement across America:

1. Limited government,
2. Reduced taxation, and

3. Decreased spending.

In support thereof we submit the following:

The will of the Tea Party is not reflected in your recent voting in the Senate.

The Tea Party enlisted many, many supporters in your last campaign.  Acknowlegement of that support is fundamental to you in the next election. 


Many of your votes have been counter to the principles of your conservative base.  We, the undersigned voters, have lost confidence in your ability to represent the principles of the Tea Party and the Republican Party, and


it is in the best interest of the Tea Party, and the undersigned, that the principles stated above become and remain a major focus of your voting in the coming months.

Signed December, 2010.





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