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Global Warming Actions

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It is wonderful to see our government finally taking an interest in our environment, and we fully support it,so here are some suggestions for real concrete actions we would like to see take place. 1.) First, the worst - vehicles. Car manufactures are still pumping out bigger and thirstier and they are allowed. We would like to see car manufacturers take responsibility for the future, theirs and ours.We would like to see the production of gasoline run vehicles terminated within five to ten years. All new vehicles produced from then on should be electric, hydrogen fuel cell or bio diesel and range within the same prices as vehicles do today so they may still be affordable. Current gas stations should be converted to renewable energy stations. Meanwhile, a No Idle Zone should be implemented in every school while parents gather their children. Gas prices should be higher for older gas cars still on the road and parking downtown should be raised as well to encourage more transit travel. The extra money can be put into programs such renewable fuel stations, better transit systems, and/or monthly transit passes issued to low income individuals, and the government tax reimbursement for those who buy their own monthly transit passes which is currently in place should continue. As far as air travel is concerned, it should be required that a carbon neutral tax be added to each flight ticket. 2.) Another major polluter is the energy used and wasted in our homes and businesses. All new homes and buildings should be built using renewable materials and fitted either with ground source / geo thermal energy or solar energy. The energy that is stored and saved from these new buildings can be sold for a small (regulated) price to older homes and buildings wishing to satisfy their conscience and public responsibility. Private energy companies wanting to cash in can help fund older buildings to be fitted with solar panels (or chosen renewable energy source) with the agreement that the energy company receives the extra energy to sell for a small (again regulated) price. Again the government program to reimburse homeowners to refit their homes with energy saving devices should remain. Renters could also be involved if home or building owners add utilities in the rent for the same price as the renter pays on their own so that the home or building may be fitted with solar panels or the choice of renewable energy from the owner. 3.) Also relating to homes and businesses is the sticky subject of recycling and waste management. Many individuals and even more businesses still do not recycle. We would like the government to make it mandatory that every home and building must recycle. Should it be discovered that certain individuals or businesses are not complying there should be very heavy fines. Recycling receptacles should be required in every home, office and building with no fees or deposits. However, there should be fees and deposits on many more things than just bottles. Ex. plastic bags, electronics, furniture, disposable coffee cups,etc. Also, we would like to see a big push for biodegradable plastics and containers with perhaps a polluter fee on such products as Styrofoam and non-biodegradable or recyclable products. Moving on to the waste management at our dumps. Although some sites do collect the methane emitted from the decomposing rot, we would again like to see this captured energy mandatory. 4.) Speaking of methane, factory farmed meat should not come cheap. The animals pay a high price for their meat in pain and humans pay a high price for their meat in pollution, water consumption, medical costs and disease control costs. There is no need for meat to be obtained this way. It is healthier and should be cheaper to farm the animals humanely. Higher taxes should be billed to factory farms with funds going to help sustainable and humane farms create healthier living facilities for the animals. The same should also apply to pesticide using produce farms. Organic produce is more expensive due to the high costs of licenses, which we all need in order to regulate. However, these farms are not only doing the earth but also society as well. Therefore, we propose higher polluterâs tax on chemical using farms, which will go to fund the licenses for organic farms, bringing the price down. 5.) Lastly, for any product or company who still insists on polluting (incandescent lights and non-low flow toilets, etc.), we expect higher taxes, with more government funding for sustainable programs and green energy. We, The People and all the inhabitants of Earth, thank you for taking the time to consider our requests. Your children and theirs will also thank-you for doing what is right.

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