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GLBT Equality

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Who says what is wrong Who says what is right Who says that one sex or sexual orientation is better, more deserving, or more acceptable than another I am a 28 year old female and I challenge you to ask yourself what you would do if shame and fear was somehow integrated into your life on a daily basis Not because you have done anything wrong, but because of who you are. What would you do if every aspect of your life could be judged, and discriminated against, based on who you love We're in the 21st century, but I personally find it nothing short of a tragedy that as a society, we haven't come as far as we'd like to believe. We still discriminate, we still spread more hate than love, we are more divided than accepting. That is a shame. It's a shame that anyone can think that they know any better then the next person. It's an illusion that every human being has to pay the price for. I am a 28 year old lesbian, I am the person who holds the door open for you when you're in a rush - just to be nice. I am the person who you entrust your children to, when you are at work. I am the person who, when traffic is bumper to bumper, lets your car infront of mine, because I feel frustration just like you, and moving one space back won't make or break my day. I am also the person who has to duck behind closed doors when celebrating my anniversary with my partner. I am the person who cannot express my love to the one I love, without pre-screening my environment. I am the person who has to worry about my security: on the job, off the job, or just walking down the street. I am one of many. I don't know you, and you don't know me, but we share a very common bond: we're human; we feel; we love and are loved; and we ALL just want to be treated equally. We ALL just want respect. I, like you, are in no place to judge or discriminate. I may not like something, but that's okay. Human rights are human rights. Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Black, White, Tall, Short, Fat, Skinny, Reserved, Wild, Mainstream, Avant-Garde, C.E.O., Blue Collar; What would you do if your rights were taken away just because you are you Sign this petition to show that equality for all, especially the GLBT community, is only human, Only natural, & Only right!

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