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Please Allow Single Stud Facial Piercings at GJHS

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The current Greensburg Junior High School student Handbook states that, "Any jewelry or other items are prohibited when worn in any pierced body part other than the ear." It says that students are not allowed to wear jewelry that is not consistent with community standards or that could pose a health or safety hazard. The first part of these statements that I want dissect is the mention of the pose of health or safety hazards. I agree with this statement one hundred percent. I believe that our childrens' safety is the most important factor when we are discussing rules and regulations. I don't however, see how a simple piercing in either the nose, lip, or eyebrow is any more dangerous to our students than a piercing in the ear. The ear is farther away from the base of the face than any of the above mentioned piercings which should be more susceptible to injury. The second part I would like to address is the mention of community standards. What exactly are these standards and who dictates over what meets these standards. That what was acceptable in the past years is not what is acceptable now. Times have changed and so has it's views and opinions. People are now generally more tolerant about piercings and/or tattoos. These things are not as gray or alternative as they once were. This subject should not be up to the officials of the schools that we send our children to. These decisions should be made by the parents who send their children to those schools. It should be our rights as parents to decide what we allow our children/students to do. The last thing I want to do is keep my child from expressing his or herself. This country was founded on freedoms and rights that were established years ago and these are the same rights and freedoms that we teach in our schools. To keep our children from expressing themselves is morally and constitutionally wrong. I don't want to be the person that denies my child's creativity and imagination. This could be harmful to their future and how they may shape into adults. This could also be a negative towards the parents of these students, especially when you're dealing with teenagers. The last statement was a joke but if you're a parent of a teen, you know that it rings true. A simple facial piercing doesn't harm anyone nor does it disrupt the everyday routine of school. If your child is interested in a piercing, hear them out. Give them a chance to voice their opinion. It's up to us as their parents to make that decision for them. Don't be rash to limit their self-expression. Please sign this petition and give us, the parents of our students at GJHS, the right and privilege to decide what is best for our children. Thank You

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