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Justice for student sexually assaulted in school

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I am the mother of a female student, who is in a public school in Carlisle Pa. On Wendsday, March 5, 2008 at approximatly 12:30pm, during a bathroom break, my daughter and a classmate were excused to use the restroom. Apparently, the other student who was also a female crossed uder the stall at which point she engaded in a sexual proposition with my child, please keep in mind this child is also under the age of 10. From what my daughter and school officials verified in a meeting with me the other student proceeded to ask my child to have sex with her, and i quote " I know how to do because I seen my mommy and daddy do it, and I have seen lots of videos". My daughter said at that point the student touched my childs private area. My daughter then told her no and attempted to disingadge in this inappropriate contact. The student at that point pulled down her own pants and bent over in my daughters face to expose herself at which point my child was faced with yet another attempt by this student to ingadge in this inappropriate behavior. Again my child asked for this student to stop what she was doing. The student then told my daughter that "she should get on top of her and hump her because she was a boy and she was gay". Now keep in mind this activity would have had to taken a bit of time, and my question is why was no one concernd with the duration of theire absence. After this number of events took place my daughter returned to class and reported to her teacher, who then sent her to the guidance counsler with a note. I'm told at that point the other student was then pulled from class to be questioned along wiht my daughter. School officials did in fact verify to me that the student admitted to doing and saying these things to my daughter. Is This Sexual Assult School Official John Friend says No. As you can see in an artical of the Sentinel. He stated that I used inaccurate terminology when making the report. I do want to be sure that no one mistakes my efforts as an attack towards this other child. In no way is this the case. I am concerned for the safety of my child and this other student as an equal. My feelings for this student are extrem empathy. What has happend to her, and why is she acting in this manner Pleas feel free to leave any questions, comments, and or concerns and I will be happy to After the school officials were questioned from a reporter from the Sentinel, assistant superintendant for Carlisle Area School District, said the terminology the mother used is inaccurate. "No one I have talked to or heard from has used that term," Friend said referring to the mother's assertion her daughter was sexually assaulted. He said the school's administration handled the situation well. "There are questions that need to be answered, " he said. "But there's nothing to indicate they weren't appropriate" in te way they handled it, Friend said. In case you question where the conflict lies with this statment from the assistant superintendant and myself, note that I was not contacted in regards to this matter untill after school was dismissed for the day. My babysitter, brought my child to my job both in tears with this information. The school waited untill after dismissal to contact me. My child should have been able to leave for the day at a minimum. Again feel free to comment. , if I am able to save a child from losing their innocense by telling my story then some justice has been done. Once I had the chance to discuss this matter with the school guidence counselor along with the principal, I asked what diciplinary actions where going to be taken. It was then suggested that I worry about my child and the other students issues were confidental and unable to be talked about with me. Naturaly, I kept my child home from school the next day, to return on Friday and find that this student who assulated my child was in fact in class. The same class of my daughter. I left the school know that I would feel more comfortable doing what my daughters theropist reccomended, being the other student moved to another class. My daughter said, Mommy I don't want to do activities with her anymore. The school then told me that they would not be moving them to differant classes because it would be easier for them to monitor them in the same class. At this time no one from the school has given me any differant information in reference to this resonable request.

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