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Stop everything and look around you. Look at the posters, the magazines, the television, the pictures hung up in shops. Now look at the real women we see in society. Hannah Montana once sang, "Nobody's perfect", though this is hardly the idea that is being promoted so prominently in the media. Young girls are being eased into the sense that they should look like models and women on magazine covers and we must discourage this at all costs.

Across the globe, magazines are instilling the notion that women are perfect figures of society. We see beautiful girls smiling cheerfully on the cover, though most of the time there is no story or article about them, just an edited and remodelled face with a fake debut.
It is not fair that women are redesigned for the purpose of a magazine, and given no credit for their personality or disposition.
We are being lulled into the idea that this is what women should and do look like and it is sending a dangerous, inaccurate message. Young girls and teens especially need to be shown that there is no mould for how a woman looks or acts and it's our responsibility to ensure this occurs.

Despite the ideas of women portrayed by the media, girls are being neither discouraged nor lead away from these erroneous images. The foundation of the media's view on women is drastically flawed in that it lacks accuracy. Aside from painting a vivid, defective picture in the minds of young girls, the media's representation of women ceases to contain candour. We are being shown the wrong image of women and it needs to end now. 100% of women on the front of magazines have been edited, and it is not right. We are seeing nothing but barbie dolls, posing for the cover of magazines, when they could be showing ambition towards a productive, more realistic career. Girls around the world are being hurt and objectified by these magazines and we can stand up to protect them by replacing false information with honest, healthy images, depicting life as a women.

Children look up to their parents, and we need to get as many involved with this as possible. If parents set a good example for their kids, and shoot down these false ideas, our society will benefit immensely. We will start to see more women aspiring to be higher in the work force, we will see a new, more confident generation of girls emerge into society and most importantly, we will see an honest and broader reflection of what it means to be a girl.

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