Give the whovians their day back!

Jacob Cardwell
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The imature "pretty" pathetic boyband, who make "music", have just been announced that they will perform at the 50th after party.

Before doing this the "musical sensations" tried to steal the whovians day by naming the EXACT DATE "1D Day". What is this rubbish? It must end now! And thats where you FANTASIC whovians join in! ALLON-SY! Lets sign a peition to replace this stupid camp boyband with the amazingness of bands such as MUSE, the charmelion circuit and fall out boy!

Whovains have to make tennants return perfect! And 1D will do anything toobstruct our clear goal! We need better music to be played! So all whovains SIGN AND SHARE AND GERANIMOOO!!!!!!!!

(cue title sequence)





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