Give Montclair a Skatepark

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Montclair, NJ is a decently sized surburban town about a half and hour to forty-five minutes away from New York City. It is community that is filled with tons of dedicated skateboarders who are just looking for a place to practice their skills. The Community has proposed a skatepark idea to the town council numerous times, provinding over five-hundred people signed petititons and skatepark plans, in which the town has said they would love to have a park, but are not donating any money. Meanwhile, they are able to spend thousand of dollars every year to make yet another field or court for other sports.  What many people don't realize though is that skateboarding is as atheltic, if not more athletic, then many other sports, as a lot of it is in your legs to jump, and your whole body to prepare for a fall or "bail".With the local skateshop, Division East having to close, the family of skateboarders has had no place to unite as one group and meet new people who are involved in the same thing they love. With the town having such a high income rate, we are unable to apply for skatepark funds, and unfortunatly us kids and our parents are not able to make enough money to donate much either. With the only parks around us being resident-only parks, we have to travel up to 1 hour eveytime we want to practice our skills in a safe enviroment. We've come to Indiegogo to ask if theres anything you can donate to help most of our dreams in the community come true. Not only will you be providing us skaters a place to do what we love, but you will also be providing the community with a place for kids to stay out of trouble (which many kids are drawn into in our town), and learn a new physical activity that can get them more active. With a community skatepark we will be able to hold events to bring the community together and grow the sport of Skateboarding. The town has given us no hope but we believe we can succeed. Please do whatever you can by donating and sharing this on any social media networks. Skateboarding has brought me more friends in different states, countries, and even continents then i can ever imagine. It truly is a second language to us skaters. Please give us a place to share that and do what we love.




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