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Spyros Magklaras
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A lot of Adsense accounts have been disabled due "invalid clicks". Google refuse to give any detail regarding those "invalid clicks", so publisher has not any proof of his "offense". Also Google claims that returns money back to advertisers, but there is no proof of it either. Google suppose to offer an appeal procedure, but as publisher has not any clue regarding those "invalid click", he cannot defend himself other than saying "I did not committee invalid clicks or ask anyone to do so" and normally his appeal will be dropped. 

We demand:

a) All banned Adsense Accounts to be restored with a simple application from publisher as until now checking and banning procedure from Google is not clear

b) In future cases, in order to ban an account due invalid clicks Google must provide a)IP, number of invalid clicks and the specific Adword Advertisement b) Proof that money have been returned to advertiser and not kept by Google

c) In the most likely case, that Google cannot prove publisher’s responsibility, instead of suspending the account and keep all of money, Google must pay for valid clicks only and return any money to advertiser who is victim of invalid clicks.

d) From other hand if there is enough evidences to prove publisher’s responsibility, Google must provide them in public, give a fair change of appeal and before close the account give any outstanding balance for valid clicks, even if it is lower than 100$





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