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Justice For Kaily

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An incident involving a student at Grants High School has many people in Cibola County wanting the school policy changed, in hopes to strengthen the safety of the students. The events that created this conclusion took place on 4/19/2013. Here's the written statement from the student. "So yesterday I got sent to ISS for something I believe should never happen to any student, or any person. I will open that door every time. In my band class, an office aid came to the door and I opened it after being told don't you dare. There's a story behind this, so please keep reading. I started feeling bad in 7th like the last five minutes so I asked to leave. My husband wasn't at school, but he said he was coming since I felt sick. As I got out from the cafeteria I started feeling really bad, so I went into the restroom of the performing arts building and was losing a lot of blood. The tardy bell rang and I thought well band is the next class, someone will help me. I need help. I go and bang on the band door and Mr. Griner said not to let me in. Then a couple of the students started arguing saying something is wrong. The teacher says that I'm late and that he won't let me in or even check and that I could go to ISS (I could hear this all through the door). Defeated, I start to head for the exit. I pass out before I can even reach the doors. Well, I pass the placenta and a lot of blood. I was wearing a dress so it obviously went everywhere. I took my pad off and started toward the bathroom because I knew I had to clean it all up. I put tissue paper in my underwear and went to clean up the mess and trouble i've made. I kept passing out so I text a girl in band HELP because she is the only one I could think of at the time. She came out after I had just passed out and was crying over the placenta of my dead baby and ran to get the director. He told me I had to go to the office before I could go to the hospital with my husband. So I headed up there, hardly able to walk, and a security guard met me halfway and told me to just go go go. So I started back towards the cafeteria exit from the outside. The band teacher then started harassing me saying I had to call my parents and they heed to know and blah. So I was obviously crying and said I tried to get him to help but he wouldn't open the door. Then he started yelling and saying I was late and I should have gone to ISS and that he had every right not to help. So then the student mentioned earlier stepped in and said I could barely walk to the bathroom consciously. I just got in the car and left while they were continuing to go at it...I could have died and he wouldn't even let me in or ask what's wrong or even feel sympathetic after the fact when he knew what I had just gone through. He's supposed to be the most Christ like but I was all alone out there and then am being told it is all my fault by the school.... now I've been interrogated by every official in the school, yet nothing seems to be getting done. This shouldn't happen. Stand up and never let someone be alone. All instances aren't all the same. I wasn't alone, yet I was left there. I'm only sharing this to ensure the safety of other students. If the student and I hadn't broken the cell phone rule, I would have not gotten help until I was trampled outside when the bell rang. So please, never leave someone waiting, you never know what it could be for. And a special thanks to a guy in band, who walked out with me not only because he loves me but because he stands for injustices. For the rest of you, keep sitting... you know who you are." The purpose of this petition is to get justice for the student involved. Sign this petition if you want a change in the school's policy, so students can be ensured full safety at Grants High School.


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