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Allow the Panasonic DMC-GH1 to Reach Full Potential

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We, the undersigned, acknowledge a high level of interest in the upcoming Panasonic DMC-GH1 digital camcorder. While the DMC-GH1 provides many of the controls and features that users are looking for, the 17mbps limit for the AVCHD recording codec and the lack of an HDMI-out are possible "deal breakers' to many considering purchasing the device. We request that Panasonic strongly consider the following changes which may possible be enabled through changes to firmware. 1. We request that the GH1's AVCHD bitrate be increased to the AVCHD codec's maximum of 24mpbs. This should help to reduce the appearances of macroblocking, aliasing (stair-stepping), and allow for resolution of finer detail in the DMC-GH1's video imaging. 2. We request that the HDMI-out port of the DMC-GH1 be enabled to allow use of the port WHILE RECORDING video. This will allow for monitoring in High Definition to allow for sharper focusing and better framing, and will also allow the use of video capture devices that streamline uncompressed footage capture. The consumers below acknowledge that the above requests are not demands being made of Panasonic, but instead requests based on the needs of many interested consumers. Should Panasonic be willing to comply with the above suggestions, it is likely that Panasonic will see highly increased sales among the "pro-sumer", independant film maker, and advanced hobbyist demographics. The DMC-GH1, if provided with a 24mbps or higher bitrate, as well as HDMI monitoring while recording, will be a device that meets many of the specifications that consumers have been asking for. We therefore respectfully and earnestly hope that Panasonic consider the above suggestions and requests.


This petition is currently sponsored solely by a videography enthusiast excited to see the new possibilities of the next wave of technology. Should your forum, discussion group, or website, be interested in helping to sponsor or promote this petition, please send an e-mail to asdfyoyoyo@gmail.com


Find out more on the discussion of the DMC-GH1's capabilities, and desire for these small changes here... http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.phpt=169564
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