Give GEYA Soccer A Home

John Galvin
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GEYA Soccer has spent the last 10+ years unable to utilize any of the fields in Upper Uwchlan Township due to the lack of space and a prioritization of other program's needs over the needs of the soccer program. With the development of a new township park at Fellowship Fields, we believe this should change and a priority should be given to GEYA Soccer's need rather than

This petition c Upper Uwchlan Township Supervisors and requests

I am writing to you as a member of this community and an Upper Uwchlan Township resident to express my concern at the approach being taken by the UUT Parks & Recreation Board regarding the provision and allocation of the fields at Fellowship Field.

As a member of GEYA Soccer and resident of this township, I believe the current philosophy and approach to be completely unfair to our members. I ask that you take whatever actions are necessary to reverse the current decisions and allocate these new township resources fairly and equitably and with some consideration to the number of residents in each of the programs. I also ask you to ensure that, moving forward, the P&R Board is structured in such a way that it sees it's primary purpose as servicing the residents of the township and not any specific program above any other.





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    John Galvin United States
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