Getting the Moog Subharmonicon in production

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This petition is for Synth and Eurorack enthusiasts, who finally want to get their hands on their very own Subharmonicon.

Owning a Subharmonicon, I want the public to get their hands on one as well. But Moog won’t put it into production. But to show Moog that there is a demand for it, this petition was created for you to sign and support the Eurorack and Synth community. Now you can continue reading and find out more about the Subharmonicon and its business case, OR you jump right ahead to signing this petition ;)

THANKS for your support!

Why Demand seems to be the determining factor for Moog:

As of April 2019, more than 130k Racks were put together on, and the Moog Mother 32 is on 21st place of the most popular modules. Yet, it is rated 73rd place by users.

Thus, perceived quality cannot be the determining factor for Moog to withhold the Subharmonicon from the public.

Potential revenue seems to be less of an issue as well. Considering the Synth sold 8 times on for an average of 1,6k $. Coming back to perceived quality; This figure shows us that 93% of the people who got a Subharmonicon (120 in total), held on to their Synth. Yes, 120 is a rather ridicules sample population of the market, yet their behavior cannot be ignored. Holding on to this Synth, does show us something.

Now considering the markets willingness to pay, and the brand image of Moog, I would like to present the case of Cwejman. His modules are made-to-order and often sell for almost twice their retail price on the secondhand market (Supply and Demand). So, why shouldn't Moog approach the Subharmonicon with a similar business case. Made-to-order increases manufacturing costs, yes. But the market seems to be willing to pay the premium.

So, even though, "The Eurorack scene continues to expand both in terms of the number of modules available as well as synthists putting them to use"*, the assumption arises that the determining factor for Moog in going forward with the production of this Synth is demand.

So, let's give the community a way to raising their voice in the pursuit of the Subharmonicon. This petition being the tool to do so. Please sign for Moog to finally realize that demand exists.

So, either Moog will take action after this petition reaches critical mass, or some other manufacturer will take on the task of cloning it. Should the latter be the case, then I will be more than happy to provide my Subharmonicon for reference in cloning this magnificent beast.

Share this within the community of Synthists and make sure many people start supporting this.

Let's see what Steve Dunnington (creator of the Subharmonicon) and Moog will say once we reach critical mass.

Now please sign, and share with the community!

Many thanks,

Dry Wet Carrot

Sonic Examples of the Subharmonicon:

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