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getting like minded friends

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Hi i'm joseph asimeng. i'm 22 years old, from the bronx, new york. i'm ghanaian. I'm trying to get

people who are around the ages of 17 to 23 years old, are from the bronx or manhattan, with a little bit

of autism, who will respect me no matter what happens. By the way i want the people who ...

-watch a little bit of anime(rarely),

- play a little bit of games (rarely),

- don't read mangas or comics,

-hate smoking(cuz it can kill you, even from those ads, regardless of exaggeration),

-hate tattoos(cuz it can hurt you when you get it in my opinion),

- don't have pets(and i never will because i don't want them (dogs) to bark at me, trying to hurt me in any type of way- i'm kinda scared of them but i wouldn't say too much),

- don't curse too much at other people,

-don't watch or remember much movies or tv shows,

- like watching sports but i don't know sports stat right now

-are bad at playing sports(sort of)

-are mostly shy,

-go to church but don't know much about the bible right now(even though i'm from a african/afro-christian family), but i will read the bible soon

-don't know much about politics right now.

-hate horror movies and tv shows

-don't pay bills so far

-like online browsing, even taking notes about that

-like knowing company facts & other facts

(even if i haven't done it in a while cuz of some homework assignments and other things in my life, that may come up)

-like watching tv ads anytime

-know almost every car name

-like people who think discipline seems tough when it's really not

-like people who are passive aggressive but not too much

-like imagining fake stories(even though let's say they haven't done it in a while, if you don't get it don't ask)

- have autism (as mentioned before) but don't know which type they have

-don't work out too much

-don't hike outside

-don't flex with stuff i bought before(even if i have an idea on how to do it)

-rarely look at memes

-are not gangsters

-are not nerds

-don't remember their past(too much)

-don't have too much favorites(favorite songs, favorite music artists, favorite stores etc.)

(cuz its too hard for me to pick, to be honest, and if you felt the same way that would be great)

-but are cool, smart and funny in my own way

with that being said, if you live in the bronx or manhattan, text me whenever i'm free, and wanna

respect me no matter what, text me at 646-399-6608 and add me on snapchat at Young_Joseph_715

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