Get Charlton Athletic FC out of the Kent Media

Adam Deacon
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Charlton Athletic are a club situated in LONDON. So- how comes they are allowed to take up much needed exposure of teams actually situated in Kent Sure, there are loads of Charlton supporters in Kent- But I can gurantee there are ten times as much Manchester United and Liverpool supporters living in Kent- so why not report on them aswell I am tired of the plastic fans who live in Kent and Medway- taking the 'Valley Express' for a fiver- just because it's a bigger stadium with bigger support. It's about time the smaller teams took back some of their support, and the only way we can do is to exclude the LONDON team from the Media of KENT. They are stealing the potential support of lesser teams- who jumped on the PremierLeague bandwagon. Well, wakey wakey- your in the third division now, so go back and steal someone else's support. Rant over.




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