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Get StalkerKoffie partnered!

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StalkerKoffie has been streaming on Twitch for over 2 years now! Over that time he has put in a humongous amount of effort into making his stream the best it can possibly be. His hard work, time and dedication to providing a professional and entertaining experience has led to the Stalkers becoming a huge community of over 8000 strong! The members of our community are friendly, caring and loving people and when you become a Stalker you don't just join the community but you feel part of a huge family. I feel that if we pull together and show our support for Stalker and voice our own opinions on why he deserves partnership then it can boost his chances of making an impression with Twitch, because multiple voices saying the same thing sends out a more powerful message.

Stalker gets very consistent viewer numbers, gains followers at a steady rate, always has an active chat and active mods that are there to help out! On top of that Stalker himself always engages with his chat, makes you feel welcome and tries to answer every question he sees while delivering high quality game-play and entertainment. He streams 6 days a week, 5 hours a day and he rarely ever doesn't keep to his schedule. You will struggle to find another caster who treats his stream and community with so much love and care and that has been proven time and time again when new people join and are blown away by how incredibly awesome StalkerKoffie and his Stalkers are.

However despite this, Stalker has been denied partnership on countless occasions and for some reason or another Twitch seem reluctant to give his stream a fair chance. Of course Stalker himself is disappointed when this happens because he has no idea what he has to do for Twitch to recognise him as a worthy partner but still he stays positive and motivated and does not let this disappointment affect his stream. But there is undoubtedly a feeling of shock, confusion and in some ways, anger around many in the community who are constantly saying Stalker should be partnered and that recognise how deserving he is.

Now please don't take this petition the wrong way, we are well aware that every streamer needs to earn partnership fairly and we are not demanding that Twitch should 'Give him a sub button right now or RIOT SwiftRage'. We understand that Twitch is a huge company with many streamers to deal with, and many partnership applications to read and reply to. The aim of this petition is to show the togetherness of community, make Twitch aware of how much support Stalker has and maybe then they will check out Stalker's stream properly, maybe sending in a global mod or admin to view a stream and truly get to know him and his community rather than rejecting Stalker without giving him a proper chance.

If you follow StalkerKoffie, have ever stopped by his stream, know of him from his YouTube days or are a fellow streamer that acknowledges how deserving this man is of a Twitch partnership then please sign this petition to show that the Stalkers are not just strong and supportive but we as a community mean business!

Thank you for your time! <3

NOTE: This petition wasn't Stalker's idea, the page itself and everything written above was created by vaultboyuk after a few of Stalker's mods and regulars proposed the idea!

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