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GET RID of the pinned feature on instagram and URL LINK feature they are abusing the features

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Dear instagram,

They are abusing the pinned feature and you need to remove it from all users RIGHT NOW! Some are abusing the feature by pinning their comments all the time. IF they can't handle negative comments than they shouldn't be in the news industry, entertainment industry, etcTheir should be some serious punishments handed down to those (actors, actresses, singers, bands-celebrities), public figures/reporters/anchors, meteorolgist's entertainment anchors/reporters. if no complaints or requests are on fb and instagram, twitter pages and they need to take those complaints and correct them and requests they need to take if any viewers, fans want their favorites on social media.*They cannot ask who wrote this petition because it’s none of their business.*They cannot make bullying comments or make bullying jokes on their social media or through her Male or female viewers including colleagues on air or off air, through texting each other to whine to complain about it*.This includes social media*It also goes for them appearing, calling them on the news, it would be a conflict of interest- and there colleagues cannot discuss their complaints on air, off air, Texting their colleagues and their personal friends, Cousins, boyfriends, fiancé/ fiancee,Girlfriends,Husbands,Colleagues, Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandmothers, Grandfathers, Greatgrandparents,-*It also goes for them appearing on the ktla morning news week day edition and the ktla morning news weekend edition it would be a conflict of interest or calling them on air or off air* Or *No showing proposals videos, photos of their engagements/Pictures/ wedding videos-it’s getting old and annoying etc.* No showing videos wishing them a happy birthday* or give birthday shoutouts, Happy anniversary shoutouts*. They cannot use their colleagues to give birthday shout outs to their personal friends,FAMILY/Cousins,GF’s, Boyfriends, Fiance/fiancee, Husbands, aunts/uncles, grandparents, greatgrandparents,etc. They are NOT Viewers and NOT celebrities. They cannot let them do the shoutouts to personal friends and family members.* They will NEVER be a celebrities. They shouldn’t be able to go public with their Girlfriends,Boyfriends/fiance/fiancees, hubbys to show pictures of them on air or on their Personal social media pages to make it look like they are these so called celebrities and they are NOT FAMOUS and NEVER will be famous. They cannot block or mute any fans or viewers this includes all news stations and its employees like anchors/reporters, meteorologists, entertainment industry, reporters correspondents etc.....

They are just anchors, meteorologist’s entertainment reporters, reporters etc. They all need to stop being RUDE TO male and female viewers on their personal social media pages and their colleagues pages when a male or female viewer expresses his or her HONESTY/opinion their is NO need for other viewers to attack them over it. That needs to stop NOW and be corrected. No one is allowed to defend anyone of them this includes viewers as well. IF they cannot handle negative feedback or get called out by any viewers than why are they in the news industry????? Why are they on social media if they can’t handle negative feedback???? than they all need to stay off social media period or deactivate their social media accounts. *They cannot read any of Haters/trolls or viewer complaints on air or off air or post on their personal social media pages or their work pages on social media. They need to face some kind of punishment or have their accounts suspended by pinning their comments on instagram and it needs to be removed if any of these anchors and meteorologist’s and entertainment reporters etc.They all need stop it with the damn goofness and sillyness and flirting/compilmenting the colleagues and talking about their personal lives on air it needs to stop. NO more making any one public and acting as if they are FAMOUS. They ARE NOT FAMOUS and NEVER will be famous. They are just anchors,entertainment reporter/anchor.These Celebs, Public figures, news industry reporters, anchors, meteorologists cannot read any of Haters/trolls or viewer complaints on air or off air or post them or live stream them on their personal social media pages They need to face some kind of punishment for them on instgram for these anchors/reporters, and meteorlogist’s and entertainment-reporters etc**They cannot discuss this on air or off air or through texting any of their colleagues,GF, BF, personal friends, Cousins, parents/family members, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, stepmoms/stepdads, husbands, wifes, daughters, sons etc. which you get the hint.*Do they pin stuff on their news social media pages on instagram on purpose?-SO they can get so many likes and their comments can get noticed? It needs to stop they are getting in the way of comments and taking up space they shouldn’t be commenting and pinning so they can all be center of attention.-These celebrities, all the athetes , singers, actors, actress, public figures-reporters/anchors, meteorologist and NOW viewers are doing that and it’s really annoying even on their personal pages. Also remove the URL link from all celebrites-actors, actresses, reality stars, all alter rockers pop/rock , country singers, pop, alternative bands, social media pages as well as the pin feature. This goes for all public figure reporters/anchors, meteorolgists, as well abusing both features the pin feature and the URL LINK feature...... They cannot repeal or take this to any higher court or sue the petitioner. They cannot search for the petitioner on social media they need to all respect the petitoners privacy because the petitoner doesn't want death threats... GET RID of the 2 features URL LINK and the PINNED feature.

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