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Get rid of the bad cops

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Hello everyone,

I am sure we all have seen plenty of videos through social media outlets that showcase cops handling situations in ways that are just stomach turning and fill us the people with many different emotions. They state that its to "serve and protect" and when these videos are sent to the departments for review they get paid time off to help them clear their head and a simple slap on the wrist. However, some have been fired...but not nearly enough to help bring back the justice system we all once saw as a reliable system and individuals we could call and count on when things were out of control. Now you might say that there are good police in the force or not all cops are bad; which I will agree with. Or maybe you think people just spam social media to make cops look bad and make it seem like its more worse than it really is.

That might be true as well, but the fact of the matter is that there are bad cops and they are doing unspeakable actions that need to be dealt with. Justice needs to be delivered from the higher authority to these cops who think they are something more because they wear a badge. At the end of the day we are all the same; human. Titles mean nothing, and when you give someone just a little bit of power, look what happens. Some let it go to their head.

So here is my petition to help reshape our police force in the United States of America.

  • No one who has PTSD can join the police force or anything that represents using a gun. Reason for this is because of war zone memories and PTSD can trigger at any moment which can cause some major damage.
  • unscheduled randomized drug tests and psychiatric w/ polygraph tests. This will also be done before the hire, after they do a job that rattles them (to make sure they are okay after the trauma and to see if that gives the PTSD), and if they do anything against the book or what we have seen in these videos.

If they are caught using anything (drugs, alcohol, etc) through the unscheduled tests, their family gets his/her paid leave (so they can survive) and the officer must be admitted into rehab to get clean. - First Offence

If they are caught using anything (drugs, alcohol, etc) through the next unscheduled test, they are fired and cannot be hired for anything that deals with the law enforcement or authority, except the Military (if they are accepted). - Second / Final Offence

If the applicant / officer fails the psychiatric w/ polygraph test, they don't get hired and/or they are fired.

If an officer is caught doing anything against the law (like what we see in the social media [beating people, throwing them on the ground for no reason, piling 6 cops on one guy suffocating him to death, shooting homeless people, etc]), they are fired and cannot be hired for anything that deals with law enforcement, authority, including the Military.

If there are other police officers being a part of the wrong doing, they to will be treated the same as stated above. If they are just standing there and not stopping the cop(s) from doing wrong, they need to be evaluated, speak with the Police Chief and a reasonable punishment will be decided depending on the severity of the situation that happened. All actions must be paid for. That is what criminals are taken in for; their actions. The justice system must play the same way for cops.

We the citizens should have every right to record all the things the police do. It is the closest evidence we have when in court. If you are not attacking cops, but trying to protect should be fine because that means you have a soul and your humanity is still alive. We need to rise up and stand together as a nation to show these cops that we wont take it no more; just we cant act in violence. Violence leads to more violence and that wont resolve anything.

If you believe in fixing our nation and filtering out the bad cops to build a better, reliable, and trustworthy justice system that will indeed "Server and Protect", than sign this petition and share it everywhere you can! Let it be heard far and wide. Even if you don't live in the U.S. and you still support the cause.. please sign and share!

Thank you all for your support!

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