Get Rid of College level Math requirements for Degrees

michael cisneros
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In What way does college level math such as Statistics or Calculus help people in the careers they choose, is it absolutely needed to be a preschool teacher, a teachers assistant, a ceramics teacher, a Police officer, Paralegal, graphic designer, dental assistant, psychiatrist, Dental Hygienists, Fashion Designers, insurance appraisers, funeral directors, well not really, so why do we take it? Some jobs such as a nuclear technician or a engineer, may need some calculus and a sprinkling of statistics, But for the majority of society, its unneeded burden, a waste of time and most of all money, join this movement to help bring notice to ending unnecessary classes needed for a degree. If this change can happen or come to light, what other things can we help to stream line, using and training our own physical and mental abilities for more productive and useful lifestyles, together we can become a better and stronger nation, one great idea at a time.



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