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Get old ak back

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Hello, CF Community I am here trying to raise an issue with the current AK47 in the NA version. This is mostly geared toward competitive but it will effect pub players as well.

Back in 2008 CF NA had the old AK47. This old AK47 is the same as the one in China. In 2012 the AK47 in CF NA was changed. It was changed to the version we currently have now. The problem with this new and updated version is that it severely nerfed the AK47. The patch notes stated that only the reload animation would be changed, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

The following things were changed; reload speed, accuracy, and recoil. All these 3 things were effected in a negative way. First the reload speed was extended. The old AK47 had a reload speed of 2.1 seconds. The new reload speed is now about 2.3 seconds.

Second the accuracy we worsened. The old AK47 had accuracy that was about equal to the M4, now although it is still a fairly accurate gun you will notice yourself missing a lot more shots no matter what range.

And last but not least the recoil. The recoil was also increased and although still relatively easy to control made it a pain for new people trying to use the AK. This made them migrate over to an incredibly easy and low skill level gun, the M4.

While all these changes were going on in this version in others, 4 versions still retained the old AK47 animation that everyone loved. These versions are; CF PH, CF CN, CF RU, CF , CF ES. These versions are also some of the biggest versions of CF, China being the most popular, and AL being a close second.

The major problem with some versions retaining the old AK47 animation and others having it changed is linked to competitive play. In huge competitive environments such as CF Stars and WCG, armor is allowed. This leads to teams using the AK47 more as the M4 is not a 1 shot HS with head armor. The problem with this is that versions that have the old AK47 can get adequate and appropriate practice, while other versions like NA can’t prepare because of this updated AK47. You can even see that in the past CF NA fared better in international competition than to how it is now. Now the teams representing NA can’t represent NA like they should be.

You may be thinking that guns are not the only thing that make players and team and while you would be right game changing guns such as the AK47 can definitely have a huge impact on rounds and games overall. Basically if you want to see how the old AK was, take out any AK- Knife variant. The AK- Knife still has the old reload and the same good old accuracy. Unfortunately the AK- Knife has higher recoil and a reduced fire rate but you get the point. Anyways we need everyone here to rejoice to let the game developers know that we want…. the old Ak-47.

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