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IF A MAN LIES TO GET A JOB - SHOULD HE KEEP THE JOB? If a man lies about his qualifications, lies about his background, refuses to share most information on him, again - should he keep the job? When others help push the lies, what do we do? Two bad things happened in 2008. The first was the news media's utter failure to investigate and report thoroughly on his lack of qualification. The second was that the public trusted what was given without being skeptical enough to get the facts. As a result, an illegal president was elected, the media continues to cover up for him, and that puts this country literally in a Silent Constitutional Crisis. The Silent Constitutional Crisis slowly destroying America will continue so long as you, the voter, does nothing, says nothing. Because the news media refuses to bring attention to the many legal questions about our illegal president, you, the voter, remain in the dark. That is, unless you have enough curiosity and drive to dig up the information on our illegal president. For when you do, it is shocking beyond belief that the news media won't touch this. You will find a Hawaiian Dept. of Health that continues to violate clearly stated statutes (to the point where they are actually committing treason); judges who refuse to do the right on obvious thing; other agencies clearly interfering with the simplest efforts to get information relating to our illegal president. No, you cannot see Hawaii's Index of Foreign Births. No, we will not give you access to the handwritten index of Hawaiian births for 1961. No, the hospitals will not let you look at their birth logs for 1961. No, we will not verify that we approved, released, or certified any of the documents claimed to have originated from our office. No, we are going to tell you nothing about that social security number. No, No, NO. Is it any wonder this has dragged on as long as it has? Meantime, those who bother to learn, know that our illegal president is not a natural born citizen. To be "natural born", both of your parents, not one, must be American citizens. Obama's purported father was never an American citizen. Frankly, that should be the end of the story. But the legal implications, and irrational fears about what will happen if he is prosecuted, sustain the illusion that he is the president. The media manipulates, distorts and lies about the illegal president. Congress has foolish, superficial, talking points (while it is an open secret that Obama is illegal), and the Courts just babble with some of the dumbest, most logically twisted, rulings anyone could think up to mislead people. Forged birth certificate the Hawaiian Dept. of Health refuses to verify, unexplained social security number that fails on E-verify, forged selective service card, not to mention failing to be constitutionally qualified for the office...What are we left with? I'll tell you. THE GREATEST FRAUD IN AMERICAN HISTORY. And they continue to get away with lying to you, while pulling off one illegal stunt after another. If a person assumes a government office illegally, any laws signed carry no force of law behind them. But because so many are still deluded, mostly due to the news media, we think they are legal. It is fitting and pertinent that the Constitution State take the lead in pushing to get Obama off the ballot. He never belonged there since he failed the Constitutional standard for eligibility. The powers that be in Connecticut are his fellow travelers. Of their own accord, they will not investigate and do the right thing. Doing the right thing is up to you and your significant others. In signing this petition, I want to make it clear to you, the signer, that you are expected to help with every aspect of pressuring the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Governor and the State Legislature to act on removing Obama from the ballot - immediately. I will be seeking you out for help in the many tasks that need to be done. A signature without action is absolutely meaningless in this case. The degree of resistance that we will encounter is greater than anything you can imagine. By signing, you are agreeing to Fight for Liberty and NOT Live With Tyranny. Cort Wrotnowski

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