The Lake Links Trail is Oh So Close To Being a Reality!

Michael  Brooks
Michael Brooks White Bear Lake 223 Comments
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For close to 20 years the Lake Links Trail has been a regional vision. It is a proposed blending of quiet roads and separated trails to safely circumnavigate the ten, sometimes precarious, miles around White Bear Lake. In the next few years we think it can finally become a reality! But we have to push really hard.

Last year, Senators Chuck Wiger (D-43), Roger Chamberlain ( R-38), David Senjem ( R-25), Karin Housley ( R-39) and Sandra Pappas ( D- 65) were authors on Senate bill SF 3957. Through this bill and its companion bill in the House, we sought to secure the $8.8 million needed to make the Lake Links Trail, its safety and economic impact, a daily part of our lives. Sitting in on the many Senate and House hearings and listening to the many genuine projects seeking funding state-wide, I can tell you our project was fortunate to have received $4 million. This provided $2.6 million to Ramsey County to complete the South Shore Segment and $1.4 million to connect Birchwood and Mahtomedi.

In 2017 Lake Links Association, in concert with our area legislators, secured over a quarter million dollars that funded preliminary engineering studies and helped the City of White Bear Lake complete a segment of the trail from Lions Park to South Shore Boulevard.

We start the 2019 legislative session with two bills in the Senate, SF 818 and SF 824, both co-authored by Sen. Roger Chamberlain ( R-38) and Sen. Chuck Wiger ( D-43). In the House there is a companion bill for both Senate bills. For SF 818 it is HF 874. This House bill is co-authored by Representatives Peter Fischer ( D-43A), Leon Lillie ( D-43B) and Amy Wazlawik (D-38B). The companion bill for SF824 is HF1326. This bill is authored by Rep. Peter Fischer and Rep. Leon Lillie. Today, our bills in the current Legislative session seek almost $3.6 million to complete vital sections along #244 in Dellwood and along the north shore of the lake in the corridor of State Highway #96 with a little for a short segment through the Village of Birchwood.

Please sign this petition and tell your stories! Explain why this project is essential to your family's, and the White Bear Area's, safety, mobility and connectivity. We regularly forward this petition to our legislative supporters. What we learned last year is that petitions like this really motivates and supports them in their efforts to secure funding for our area.



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