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Get "Killer Kids" & "I Killed My BFF" Taken Off Of Lifetime Network!!

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I am starting this petition to have "Killer Kids" & "I Killed My BFF" taken off of the Lifetime Network. I have watched over the years little by little our television viewing change from good wholesome programing that you would not be afraid to let your children watch, to programs like these that do nothing, but promote violent behavior and a warped sense of how society should behave towards one another. This programming also teaches unhealthy, destructive, very violent viewing for young innocent children that they should not be exposed to. We as a society have a moral and social responsibilty to make sure we keep this country safe. We need healthier programing on television that helps our country to stay educated, full of life, and safe. Please take this seriously and help make our television viewing more educated and safe to watch! Let's save the children of tomorrow, together!!



July 1
We are now live!


  • Hollie Rodgers
    Hollie Rodgers United States, Huntley
    Jul 01, 2014
    Jul 01, 2014
    We need to have healthier programming on TV today. Not this kind of programming!


  • 3 years ago
    Hollie Rodgers
    3 years ago

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