Get JUSTIN BIEBER OUT of 432 Oakhurst Beverly Hills

Mark Hurst
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Hello and welcome to our petition.

As a resident of the new 432 Oakhurst in Beverly Hills, the quality of living has lowered drastically.

Ever since one MR. JUSTIN BIEBER moved in.
Since that moment, the noise level has tripled, especially at night.
Him and his large entourage often party like there is no tomorrow and the police had to be called numerous times, but nothing seems to have changed. I'm still up at almost 7am because I couldn't sleep last night.
Not only were they partying well after 3:30 AM on a Monday night, outside the 432 Oakhurst there are CONSTANTLY girls waiting and screaming. Oh and did I forget to mention the paparazzi? It's impossible to LEAVE the house without little girls and paparazzi noticing! Is this the life we envisioned when we moved in? Hell no!

Please sign our petition to help us GET RID of Mr. Justin Bieber and his entourage at 432 Oakhurst in Beverly Hills. We have contacted the HOA but nothing has happened since, thats why we need your help!

Thanks in advance

  • Lara Jackson
    Lara Jackson Spain, Ferrol
    Oct 16, 2014
    Oct 16, 2014
    I really understand what are you saying,but you should try to sell your condo pice,i'll be interested in move to California,maybe we can contact,i'm not a person who is everyday at home so maybe i can handle it
    My E-mail is
  • Les Siegel
    Les Siegel United States, Los Angeles
    Jul 22, 2014
    Jul 22, 2014
    Hi--I am the producer of the Doug McIntyre Show--
    morning drive newstalk--on Kabc Radio (AM790)
    Los Angeles--
    Would love to phone interview the author of this petition--
    on the program Wednesday morning
    please--I am at

    Les Siegel
    abc-Kabc Radio (AM790)
    Los Angeles
  • David Danz
    David Danz United States, Bellflower
    Jul 02, 2014
    Jul 02, 2014
    Good luck, we lived at The Oaks and it was nearly impossible to get him out. If you need some pointers, I feel your pain and will be happy to help. David-
  • Eva Jolop
    Eva Jolop United Kingdom, London
    Jul 01, 2014
    Jul 01, 2014
    Hi. I say this sincerely. But why don't you just try talking to him? I am sure he wouldn't want this. If you say, look we need to talk - he any listen. It's better than jumping to a nth degree standpoint right off the bat.


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